Blogmas Day Seven - Wrapping Paper

Welcome to day Seven of Blogmas, a week in and its been fun so far, today's post is all about wrapping paper,This year I wanted to go for a simple but cute design for wrapping my gift so I went along to Paper Chase to have a look at there gift wrap section and came away with a lovely Gold Paper for £3.50 and some gold ribbon for £2.

First I wrapped my gift a great little tip is to not cut of to much paper just cut enough to cover the gift otherwise you will have to wrap the gift loads of times and the paper with go all bubbly and crinkled. I would also suggest getting your sellotape ready and cut a small piece of each time you use it.

Next I had to tie my ribbon and curl the bow, to curl the bow use some scissors and gently pull along the ribbon on the none shinny side!

And voila prezzies are all wrapped and looking good!

Today in my Boots Beauty Calendar I got a Paco Robanne Black XS fragrance sample, a scent I've never tried before so I was excited to see it.


  1. I'm one of the odd creatures that loves wrapping gifts I end up wrapping up everyone else's too! In really disappointed with the boots calendar! X

  2. Lovely wrapping! I'm terrible at it haha! My poor family and friends :S But I do love paper chase, their wrapping section has such a pretty mix of colours and designs...shame you can't see it amongst all the sellotape by the time I'm finished!
    Great post, hope you enjoy the Paco Robanne sample!
    L xo