Blogmas Day Fourteen - Lush Golden Wonder Review

Welcome to day Fourteen of Blogmas! Today is a Lush review of one of the best bath bombs ever, I loved this one! It was so cute and so glittery I just adored it!

Golden Wonder costs £3.50 so it is one of the more expensive bombs the scent is one of my favorite's citrus (I think I might be obsessed!) so I was very pleased. Once you pop it into your bath its turns into something amazing it goes all different colours with some blues and greens as well as the lovely golden colour of the bath bomb, the colour you are left with is a deep blue. But my favorite bit is when the little gold stars start to come out and all the lovely glitter!

Today in my Boots Beauty Calendar I got Ghost Fragrance, yay another sample! ( a little tired of them now )

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  1. ooh, my friend got me this bath bomb for xmas, can't wait to try it now x