Blogmas Day Five - Dealing with Colds

Welcome to Blogmas day Five, this post is going to be about my best remedies for colds and getting ill over the Christmas period. I have had some of the worse look with getting ill over Christmas with tonsillitis and having a bad stomach, to colds and being generally unwell, So I think I'm going to be pretty good at writing up this post!

Colds and Flu
The best thing I can say for the flu is Doctors are now offering NHS patients the flu jab and to get it while its still available! It does hurt and it will be painful after and yes you may feel like absolute pants after but trust me it's better then having flu just before Christmas.
Colds are more difficult due to the fact there isn't really a jab for it you just have to suffer, some of my favorite products are things like Strepsils, Buttercup Sweets and Lemsip drinks. I find they work the best for me, but it can be different for all people just try a few until you find the right one for you.

A bad stomach and feeling sick
Drink lots and lots of water! Flush is out of your system and try to not eat for at least 12 hours it important to get whatever nasties you have in you out so drinking water will flush it and not eating will make your stomach settle.
Plenty of rest will make you feel loads better so take the time to nap and sleep as overdoing it will leave you feel worse and can make whatever bug you have feel loads worse, so slip into those pj's and grab your hot water bottle!

Hopefully this post will help anyone who is feeling poorly as right now I have a cold and am not feeling to great!

Today in my Boots Beauty Calendar I got Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation, which I have tried before and it works quite well so this will come in handy.

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