Blogmas Day Eighteen - Lush Father Christmas Bath Bomb

Welcome to day Eighteen of Blogmas one week until Christmas! Today in another Lush review I know only have 3 left in my massive bag I bought last month so not to many reviews left.

The Lush Father Christmas bath bomb was lovely he looked so sweet and cute but once placed into the bath he swirled about and was quite mischievous, the bath bomb was a fast one which after a minute or two was dissolved into a lovely deep green. But that was after all the lovely colours that swirled out a nice red and a lovely yellow before turning into the deep green.

I loved this bath bomb and for only £3.25 you can't go wrong with these orange scented goodie!

Today in my Boots Beauty Calendar I got another perfume sample!

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  1. I brought the same bath bomb recently too, it wasn't that moisturising which was disappointing but I loved how cute it looked!