Blogmas Day Eight -Lush Shoot For The Stars Review

Welcome to day Eight of Blogmas one of the first of a few Lush reviews!

This bath bomb was such a peaceful one, it seemed to take ages to completely fizz out and all the colours were fantastic swirling around the bath, I was really impressed with this product.

The scent was like toffee's or caramel which I would normally avoid but it was quite a mild scent so I pick it up, it lasted on my skin for ages even after my morning shower which I just loved. The colours were amazing the blue mixed with the yellow swirled around and then right at the end a really deep red came fizzing out and created a really nice colour in my bath.

For £3.25 this bath bomb is definitely worth picking up!

Today in my beauty calendar I got a Umberto Ginannini hair tie which looks lovely!

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