Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

Hello welcome to my New Year post! I was reading Sprinkle of Glitter's post A year in the glitter world 2013 and thought it was a fantastic idea so I've decided to do one myself. It will just be a countdown of all the months and what happened for me!

To start the year of I had a loss, my cat Misty who has been in my family for 10 years after we rescued her from cats protection. It was heartbreaking to lose her and there are times now when I still cry and have moments because she is no longer here and able to share moments of my life.

This month I had got my life on track with some disastrous decisions for work I had finally found a job I felt stable in and was happy in. I also took an interest in blogging and started following some well known blogs, as well as following there youtube channels.

Was the month I began Blogging and launch Beauty, Bits and Bobs! It was a great month of Blogging and joining in on Twitter chats. I also took out a subscription for Glossybox and  starting of my blog with Glossybox reviews!

Was the year of gigs for me, I saw quite a few live bands and was going back and forth to Birmingham I practically lived there in April. I saw amazing bands like Taking Hayley, We Are Saviours and Page 44.

I celebrated my 22nd birthday by going to the Cotswold Zoo, I love going as it's such a great place for all ages. My favorite place is the bat cave as its always pretty cool seeing all the bats flying around in there little dark cave!

I went to Helsinki! Which was amazing I was so excited to go and it definitely lived up to expectations, I only went for 4 nights but I was able to do everything I wanted in those days and was also able to treat  myself to a lovely shopping trip at the two large shopping centres they have there.

July and August
This summer I had a nice relaxing one as I had already had my holiday for me it was about blogging and shopping as much as possible. As well as topping up my tan!

I went to my first ever fashion show AW13 Style Birmingham, it was amazing and all the goodies bags were great to! But I also got to meet Brix Smith who I love as she is so sweet and honest.
It was also my Blogs 6 month birthday, I was quite pleased with getting to my 6 month mark as when I started I was concerned with how people would accept me but so far it has been great.

I celebrated Halloween my favorite season and time of the year, I love Autumn trends and wearing thick clothing. I also booked my holiday to Paris and started to plan all the places I was going to be visiting!

Was Bonfire night, I went to a great display which had a fair, some food stands and some amazing fireworks displays it was a great evening out.

I started and completed Blogmas on my blog which I was really happy and pleased with, I also celebrated Christmas with my family and had a great day out to Minehead with my sister. It was also a month and meals and getting rather fat!

I hope you had a fantastic year and I can't wait to be going to Paris in a week and celebrating my one year birthday on my blog. Have a Happy New Year and see you soon!

Perfume Overload!

This Christmas I received quite a few perfume's which I was rather happy about two of them were big bottles and the other's were roller balls. I've never really been into perfume I've always grown up with one scent and stuck to it never branching out, but this year I have brought and reviewed quite a few and I'm quite happy with all the new scents I have.

Vera Wang - Be Jeweled 
The first thing you will notice is the fantastic bottle design, I adore the design! It has a rough cut bottle with all sorts of sides that don't really match up and then a adorable jewel neck again with all different sized jewels and then a cute pink lid. The scent is fruity floral which as I would describe as a glamorous girly scent.

Elizabeth Arden - Untold
I first got this product is my Glossybox and fell in love with the scent so for Christmas is what one of the first things on my list I couldn't wait to get my hands on the full sized goodie! It has a really nice mature floral scent and comes in a lovely bottle.

River Island - RollerBalls
My favorite style of perfume is Rollerballs so I was rather excited to get the River Island ones for Christmas. I got four different scents all name after cities apart from one which is simply called RI, which scent is fruity and quite strong. Then we have NYC which is a dulled down fruity scent, then there's London my favorite a really nice floral scent and lastly Paris a lovely girly sweet floral scent.

I also received the Jelly Belly Roller Balls and you can see my review here!

Lush Rudolph Face Mask Review

This month's weather has been a terror for my skin my face is dry and I have way to many blemishes, so I visited my favorite store to pick up a face mask to use. I came away with a Christmas themed mask known as Rudolph. It may seem sweet with it's nice name but it's quite a touch little mask with some impressive ingredients.

It's main ingredients are  Cucumber, Tofu and Oatmeal while being scented with Lavender. Because it has such thick ingredients it makes the mask quite tough to put on your face so I added a small bit of water to make it into a paste making it easier to place onto my face. The mask states to leave it on for 5-10 minutes I found it was quite a harsh mask for my skin so I left it on for 5 minutes then removed.

The mask cost £5.50 for a small pot, I'm not to sure if I would purchase it again as I found it didn't agree with my skin but it is still a lovely face mask which does include a cherry to place on your nose!

Leo Kai Convictions - Music Post

Something a little bit different for my blog a cd review! I hope all you beauty bloggers don't mind me doing one and don't worry there shall be a new beauty review coming soon.

I'm always listening to music and this last year I've gotten into more local smaller bands and one in particular has been Leo Kai who is a singer/songwriter. I first heard of him when he joined a band We Are Saviours , he has a lovely voice and plays the piano and guitar beautifully.

The person behind Leo Kai is Leo Ismail, the Kai comes from the name of his guitar which was named by his best friend. His music is quite deep and almost soulful but he does have quite an edgy voice which is always really clear. Ha has released a 8 track album called Convictions which featured a Maroon 5 cover, original songs written by Leo and two remixes of the beautifully written Heartbeat. The cd features artwork designed by Leo, as well as a rather cool cd design!

My favorite track has to be Get Things Right which is the first track on the album,it's make's me smile yet it's quite a meaningful song the lyrics are also quite truthful which I really like. I also love the harmony on the song it all works and fits in perfectly.

His eight track cd is available to download for £4 or to receive a physical copy of the cd you just pay an extra 50p the album is available from his Big Cartel
You can also find him on Facebook or Twitter

Let me know if you stop by and listen to his music or buy the album, and if you would like some more cd review's let me know in the comments!

Blogmas Day Twenty Four - Candy Cane Nails

Welcome to Blogmas day Twenty Four only one more day! Today post is about Candy Cane Nails, I saw a post on Tumblr a few days ago and thought I would give it ago and make a tutorial for anyone who fancies giving it ago as it's quite easy to do. Things you will need a white nail varnish, a red nail varnish and nail manicure stickers.

Step one - Paint your nails white, I applied two coats and then left to dry for at least 30 minutes.

Step two - Apply nail stickers slanted on the nail, I applied two stickers as mine are quite large but if you cut them up you can apply a lot more.

Step three - Paint your nail red going over the stickers, then leave to dry for around 5 minutes or so.

Step four - Remove sticks and admire your Candy Cane Nails!

Let me know if you give it ago and link me to any post's you may of done!

Blogmas Day Twenty Three - Glossybox December Edition

Welcome to Blogmas day Twenty Three! It's so close to Christmas and I only have today at work before two days of which I'm more excited about as it's been super busy, who needs shoes two days before Christmas!

Today post is all about December's Glossybox which happens to be pretty awesome in my eyes, I received three full sized products, two mini's and an online voucher for money off Santucatury products. The design of the box was lovely it was a red and white design with a beauty Christmas tree made out of beauty products.

Wilkinson Sword Intuition - Razor £6.49 Full Size
This product is a 3 in 1 razor which lathers, moisturisers, and shaves. You can use it in the bath or shower and it also includes a handy holder to stick it to the wall.

Beautiful Movements Cosmetics -Nude Lipstick £12 for the Full Size
It's a non sticky but jojoba rich nude lipstick, which is perfect for the party season!

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara - £4.99 Full Size
A product I already own and love! You simply comb through your eyebrows and it shapes and adds colour.

Seche - Nail Lacquer £9.95 Full Size
I received a lovely deep purple, which boasts in one coat coverage and a satin smooth finish.

Sanctuary Spa - Active Reverse Resurface and Refine Ultra Polish - £12 for the Full Size
A product for problem skin which will come in handy for me!

Blogmas Day Twenty Two - Lush Star Light, Star Bright Review

Welcome to day Twenty Two so close to Christmas! Today is another Lush review and the last one so sorry if anyone is annoyed with the amount of Lush reviews!

This bath melt looks amazing but be warned its super messy to pick up and you will be covered in silver for the rest of the day! For £3.30 you can pick up this lovely silver bath melt which instead of creating bubbles or a pretty colour in your bath this one moisturises and makes your bath all creamy as well as turning it an awesome colour.

The scent is quite mild with some citrus and some lavender in there but its not to strong, the bath water goes a fantastic bluey green colour with a light shimmer which looks really pretty. The only downside is you will need to clean your bath after using the bath melt as the silver sticks to the sides.

Today in my Boots Beauty Calendar I got a Nails Inc nail varnish in a lovely nude shade!

Blogmas Day Twenty One - Lush Secret Santa Review

Welcome to day Twenty One of Blogmas not know left now, hopefully you are all sorted and enjoying December as much as me!

Today's post is a Lush review of Secret Santa which I kind of really a bit left down as for £5.95 you get two bath bombs which would be fantastic if I could break into the house! Which unfortunately I couldn't and ended up breaking the whole bath bomb including the little secret red thing (which I couldn't make out) meaning I got so annoyed I dropped the whole thing in the bath and got in.

The colour of the bath was nice it went a lovely orange colour and it had a nice citrus scent, I was impressed with the colour of the water a lot as it was such a nice shade and the over all design on the bomb was lovey and well detailed but I just won't be purchasing it again. Has anyone else had trouble getting into the Secret Santa bath bomb?

Today in my Boots Calendar I got a Botanics heat protection hair serum, which looks good can't wait to use it.

Blogmas Day Twenty - Lush Candy Mountain Review

Welcome to day Twenty of Blogmas, today is a Lush review for Candy Mountain which is classed as a Christmas bubble bar but I think it's quite cute and girly for the whole year.

The scent was listed on there website as vanilla but when I smelt it I could only really get a bubblegum scent which I'm not complaining about! The design is very cute a lovely white and pink fat swirl with spots on, I really liked this design as it was quite easy to break into the water and run under the tap which I liked a lot.

It left a lot of bubbles in my bath quite a lot to be honest, which was nice as I do prefer to many bubbles to too little. For £2.65 I can not fault this bubble bar, in fact I wish I had picked up another 10!

Today in my Boots Beauty calendar I got a Mavala red nail polish which will come in handy this month!

Blogmas Day Nineteen - Minehead Day Trip

Welcome to day Nineteen of Blogmas, we are slowly but surely getting closer and closer to Christmas and everyone is my house hold is extremely excited but last week I had a few days of work and me and my sister decided to have a day trip to our favorite seaside resort of Minehead.

We stop of at my favorite arcade Merlins were I am addicted to the 2p machines, we then visited the train station where they always have steam trains waiting in the station and I used the penny machines to get a stretched penny with a Minehead printed design on. After we had lunch at the fish and chip shop we walked along the beach and up into the town to have a mooch at the shops before taking the 3 hour journey home!

We had a fantastic day and if you are able to get to Minehead I would 100% recommend going it's not to expensive if you go with National Express coaches and you can always stay the night either at the Butlins resort or at a cute b&b.

Today in my Boots Beauty calendar I got a carmex lip balm, which I can't wait to use as I'm not sure if I have any Carmex products!

Blogmas Day Eighteen - Lush Father Christmas Bath Bomb

Welcome to day Eighteen of Blogmas one week until Christmas! Today in another Lush review I know only have 3 left in my massive bag I bought last month so not to many reviews left.

The Lush Father Christmas bath bomb was lovely he looked so sweet and cute but once placed into the bath he swirled about and was quite mischievous, the bath bomb was a fast one which after a minute or two was dissolved into a lovely deep green. But that was after all the lovely colours that swirled out a nice red and a lovely yellow before turning into the deep green.

I loved this bath bomb and for only £3.25 you can't go wrong with these orange scented goodie!

Today in my Boots Beauty Calendar I got another perfume sample!

Blogmas Day Seventeen - Blogger Secret Santa Goodies

Welcome to day Seventeen of Blogmas only 8 days until Christmas hope you are all ready and no one has had any panics. This year I have been included in Bloggers Secret Santa where I create a box of goodies and then sent them off to a Blogger and then I received a box from another Blogger.

I would first like to say a massive thank you to my secret santa as I have been rather spoilt! All the items were really nice and I can't wait to try them out. The item's I received were a glass nail file, some chocolates, some socks, a lovely set from beauticology, a sample size of Liz Earle cleanser, OPI nail polish and a dry ends serum.

I'm so glad I got to take part in the Blogger's Secret Santa and can't wait to take part next year as I had loads of fun putting together the box and receiving mine!

Today in my Boots Beauty Calendar I got Soap and Glory Flake away, which will come in handy.

Blogmas Day Sixteen - House Of Holland Heartbreaker Nails

Welcome to day Sixteen of blogmas! This weekend I attended a work Christmas meal this weekend and thought I would wear some false nails instead of painting my own, so I went with the £7.99 Heartbreaker House of Holland nails by Elegant Touch.

The design of the nail is cute and quirky with a simple nude nail and fiery red heart shaped tip as well as having a heartbroken nail. The length of the nail may cause some problems as it is quite long and can cause some problems when doing everyday things ( going to the loo!) but over all the design is great.

Taking the nails of I had a lot of problems, they don't inform you until you read in the instructions you need a special nail remover from the company including little foil squares, so unfortunately as I had work I had to soak them in a nail varnish remover solution I had created and then pull them of. As you can imagine I have damaged my nails and am quite upset over this.

Today in my Boots Beauty Calendar I got a nail file which did come in handy!

Blogmas Day Fifteen- Lush Santa's Lip Scrub

Welcome to day Fifteen! Only 10 more day until Christmas how exciting! Today's post is all about a lip scrub I'm addicted to, the Lush Santa's Lip Scrub.

The scent is lovely as it's cola flavoured and its comes in a lovely red colour, there are also some adorable little red hearts on the top of the scrub which you can stick onto your lips using a balm. They way the scrubs work is you place some onto your lips and scrub away until the sugar dissolves, don't worry if it doesn't as you can always lick it of. You are then left with lovely soft kissable lips.

I love this product as it works really well on my lips and is quite affordable at £5.50.

Today in my Boots Beauty Box I got Seventeen Tattoo Me eyeliner, which I can not wait to use!

Blogmas Day Fourteen - Lush Golden Wonder Review

Welcome to day Fourteen of Blogmas! Today is a Lush review of one of the best bath bombs ever, I loved this one! It was so cute and so glittery I just adored it!

Golden Wonder costs £3.50 so it is one of the more expensive bombs the scent is one of my favorite's citrus (I think I might be obsessed!) so I was very pleased. Once you pop it into your bath its turns into something amazing it goes all different colours with some blues and greens as well as the lovely golden colour of the bath bomb, the colour you are left with is a deep blue. But my favorite bit is when the little gold stars start to come out and all the lovely glitter!

Today in my Boots Beauty Calendar I got Ghost Fragrance, yay another sample! ( a little tired of them now )