Weigh In October

My first month on my diet wasn't the best I must admit I fell back into bad habit's after a few days and then found it hard to go back onto my diet so I wasn't expecting to of lost any weight at all. My goal for this month was a stone in weight I weighed myself this morning and I was 14 stone, meaning I have lost 8lbs. Which I am extremely happy about and feel really proud, it may not of been the stone I was after but it will do!

I feel more awake then I usually would and have a bit more energy as well as my clothes not feeling snug anymore. I have also noticed my skin has cleared up which is great news and I always have trouble with spots. The only downside is I am craving so much junk food and really want a glass of coke which I knew would be hard to give up but I didn't realise it would be so bad!

So for November I will be adding 'fast' days into my diet, so for 4 days I will be sticking to my 1500 calories and then for 3 days I will be only having 500 calories! Which sounds scary but it is a well known diet known as the 4:3 diet. A lot of people have seen some great results and I can not wait to see what effects it will have on me.

So my target for next month is to weigh in at 13st 4lb which is a 10 pound weight loss.

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  1. Well done lovely, 8lbs is brilliant. That chart is really good about swapping what you crave for what you should have - I've saved for future reference :)

    Kayleigh xo