The Body Shop Foaming Bath Powder

I bought this product is The Body Shop 50% of sale a few months back for £1.50, it comes in a drawstring back which is handy and cute, you get 60g of powder which is a Soya Milk Foaming Bath Powder. I am a massive fan of The Body  Shop as they make such amazing smelling products which are all against animal testing, they also sell affordable goodies and some amazing gift sets for Christmas. Not to forget there fantastic January sale they always have!

To use the Foaming Bath Powder you just swirl a tablespoon under a running tap, once it gets going you get some lovely bubbles and a lovely light foam across the bath water. The best thing I noticed about this product is it left my skin feeling really soft and nourished as I have sensitive skin this product is lovely for my bath. The bubbles did die down after around 10 minutes but I think if you add a bit more then a tablespoon you get a load more bubbles, as I tend to sprinkle a bit more into my bath after the tablespoon.

This product is great but I'm not sure if it is still available as it was in the clearance sale!

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