Save The Blow Dry Shower Cap Review*

I was sent a lovely flowery shower cap to review from the company Save The Blow Dry  a Moisture Eliminating Queen of Shower Caps! I was extremely excited to receive this product as I frequently have hair disasters and was really looking forward to trying it out, I was not disappointed!

The look of the shower cap is girly and really cute with loads of bows it's also all pink and cute which I love. The shower cap is in two layers a micro weave towel which zaps humidity and condensation, then a Protective Outer which is phalate free to stop your hair form getting wet, creating the Save The Blow Dry Shower Cap!

The way the cap works is after styling you pop it on your head and go into the bathroom to have a shower but instead of coming out with loose unstyled damp hair the super absorbent micro weave will have stopped any water or condensation getting to your locks leaving your hair dry and bouncy just as it was before you put the cap on.

So does it work? Absolutely! I was extremely impressed with the results.

Save The Blow Dry also donate to the charity Khandel Light to improve the lives of communities in and around Khandel, India

To purchase a shower cap they are available from the Save The Blow Dry website for £14.95!
*I was sent this product to review however all the words in this review are my own and have not been influenced.

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