Primark Haul

So I've finally stopped my spending ban and was able to have a mooch at Primark picking up some lovely goodies!

I finally found and picked up a tartan scarf for £4 it's a lovely woolen material and is perfect for Winter, I also picked up this amazing Christmas jumper for £12, my sister and brother have ones to!

For Winter I picked up so blue cookie monster slippers for £4, my favorite candle of all time Blueberry and Blossom is a three wick tin for £3.50, a vaseline tin as a Christmas present for £4.50, Some tweezers for £1 as mine were rather blunt now and these ones came in such a cute spot design, Lastly I picked up some cheesy Christmas earrings for £2.

I had a great time shopping and would love to see if you brought any nice items from Primark, please link me to your blog posts!

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  1. The jumper is so adorable!