High Street Vs. Fashion - Brushes

Makeup brushes are essential to getting the right look and there are quite a few to choose from today I'll be looking at Primark's and Real Techniques. I'll be rating them out of 5 points and seeing who wins at the end!

Primark brushes cost a very small price tag of £1.50 and Real Techniques are price at around £9. Over all Primark wins as there is a massive price difference.

Primark brushes comes in a plastic packet and Real Techniques comes in a clear box. I much prefer the Real Techniques packaging due to the fact is more secure and looks loads better.

The Primark brushes work really well they blend great and don't leave brush marks as well as not losing bristles, the same can be said about Real Techniques! So this one is very hard but I do prefer the feel of Primarks brushes there a lot softer.

Real Techniques have long easy to use design with different colours for all the different brushes and they have there logo on the side of each brush. Primark have the same black and silver design for all there brushes which lets it down a lot. The top of the brushes have really soft bristles and make them a lot nicer to use which is on both brushes. I much prefer the look of Real Techniques.  

Primark have around 4 brushes to choice from and Real Techniques have around 10-15 to chose from so it has a rather large collection compared to Primark.

So overall it turned out Real Techniques is better then Primark brushes!

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