Barry M Red Wine Review

As soon as Autumn arrives more and more brands bring out some great little item's which are perfect for the season, I love walking down the aisles in shops to see what new or old products are appearing on the shelves. One item I noticed was the Barry M Red Wine nail varnish at £3.99 there always a great buy, I went for a normal paint instead of an effect one as I prefer the natural shine and gloss you get from the originals.

Red Wine is a really deep red which goes on well after two coats, it stays on for around 4-7 days and comes of well if you have a decent base coat on I also like the fact it didn't stain or leave me nails looking chipped or dry. I think this nail varnish is perfect for going out as an alternative to the red or black nails most people go for, it's also great for a special occasion as it add a bit of class.

What are your favorite Autumn/Winter nail varnishes? 


  1. I cant get into my dark nail varnishes over winter! i still like to keep it pretty bright haha, love the reds though :)

  2. Ooh this looks pretty! I love my nude nails way too much lol should really try getting into the darker shades :)

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