Vision Direct Yellow Cat Lenses

I was lucky enough to win a pair of Yellow Cat Eye lenses over on What Cat Says blog, it was through a company called Vision Direct who I had heard of before through wearing glasses and thinking of getting some lenses myself. The main problem I hate anything or anyone going near my eyes so much so when I was younger I would attack people (opticians) for even taking my glasses of. So when I won a pair of lenses there was a little bit of dread but mostly happiness as I can now try out lenses!

I won the amazing spooky yellow cat lenses as well as a cleaning solution and a handy little carry to keep them in. Once they had arrived I was so excited I got them out there packaging and started to attempt to put them in my eyes, this is where the fun starts! I tried and tried again, then tried again and finally after trying again I got them into my eyes, at first it was odd it felt like I had something in my eye (which I did) and I wanted to rub them but I waited and followed the handy instructions and slowly but surely my eyes adjusted and felt ok.

I was extremely impressed by the design and how the lenses centred them selves, I wore them at first for an hour to get use to them and make sure I could cope for Halloween. I then had to remove them, this is were all my past anxiety and nervousness kicked in, I literally could not take them out! I started crying and panicking so much my mum stepped in to calm me down and talk me through it. So after much fretting and panicking I was able to take them out! Which again was extremely easy to the great design on the lenses.

I had a look online and the company have a great selection and have some great designs, I also was impressed by the fact they also do daily to monthly contact lenses, If you wear lenses I would highly suggest buying from this company. I'm not to sure if I will swap my glasses for lenses just yet but you never know!

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  1. Thank you for the post and review! It takes some getting used to contact lenses, we do recommend to get samples fitted with an optician if you would consider changing from spectacles (otherwise, we do offer prescription spectacles too nowadays: Thanks again for the review and post, feel free to ask us if you have any eye-related questions!