MAC RiRi Her Cocoa Review

The MAC RiRi Eyeshadow Quad comes in Limited Edition Packaging and has 4 warm eyeshadow shades which are Bright Bronze Gold, Soft Peach, Chocolate Bronze and Antique Gold, the set cost's £33 and is currently out of stock on the MAC website but I do know it is available on Ebay.

The packaging I think is great I know a lot of people find it tacky or cheap looking, but I think its different and looks great. I also love the fact is it a magnetic opening which makes it easier I find to open, I'm not to keen on the signature on the front but I suppose thats how RiRi is to make her mark on her products.

In the Quad you get two matte looking shade's which are the Soft Peach and Chocolate Bronze which I think look great for an all over eye look, As well as two shimmer shades with added glitter the Bright Bronze and Antique Gold which I think look great just above the eye lashes over the to matte shades.

The eyeshadow comes out quite light to how it looks in the palette but goes on nicely, it also stays on lovely and I found it didn't smudge or fade during the day.

So over all I was impressed with the eyeshadows and will be keeping an eye out in my local MAC to see if anymore become available.

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