Lush Happy Bubble Bar and Blackberry Bath Bomb Review

I purchased these two products in my online spurge and finally used them in my recent pamper evening, I was extremely impressed with these two especially as they were from the low end budget rather then the more expensive fancy products Happy Bubble Bar was £3.25 and Blackberry Bath Bomb was £2.95.

The Happy Bar smelt really nice almost had a flowery scent to it but also smelt quite fresh and fruity, but it wowed me with the colour it turned the water and the amount of bubbles it created. The water went an incredibly blue almost like I had added a dye to the water instead of a small bubble bar, then the bubbles filled my water I would say it was the most I have had in any Bubble Bar.

I added my Blackberry Bomb to add a scent to the bath as the Happy Bar was impressive for everything else but the scent was lacking something. The Blackberry bar is small but powerful it has such a strong scent when added to water and it seemed to fizz out quite fast leaving you to relax in your bath without a bath bomb hitting your legs.

I loved these two products and will definitely be re purchasing when I do another online order!

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