Lush Halloween Goodies!

I could not resist the Halloween Bath products in Lush and brought Pumpkin, Soot Ball and Lord Of Misrule which were all around the £3 mark. The three products were available in store and online but are currently out of stock =[ boo! But here is my review!

This little Bubble Bar was adorable and I almost felt bad crumbling him under the hot water but he turned out to be a fantastic buy. The scent was my favorite ever scent orange but it wasn't to citrusy and it also had added ylang ylang oil which I think made it a nice mild orange scent. The bath turned a lovely orange colour and there were loads of bubbles! I adored this bubble bar and can't wait till next Halloween to buy a few more.

Soot Ball
This product was a little odd, I knew it was covered in black but underneath it looked like orange was coming through but once placed into my bath I had a tub full of black water and a little shimmer of orange. It also had quite a nice scent to it and left me covered in glitter after. So atm I'm abit hit and miss with this bath bomb!

Lord of Misrule 
My favorite of the three I picked out! It looked a little odd like it wasn't meant to be apart of the Halloween range as it had an impressive aqua colour to it but once placed into my bath is started to fizz out a dark deep red, it fizzed for around 3 minutes before I started to hear the wonderful sounds of popping candy! The scent is an odd one at first it just smelt of soap and the usual Lush scent but then I could smell a citrus scent to it. I love this bath bomb and wish it wasn't just a Halloween special!

So that's its for Halloween bath treats but watch out for tomorrows spooktastic going out post!

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