Lush Breath Of God Toothy Tabs Review

For £2.50 you get a pack of around 40 tabs, I went for Breath Of God but Lush have another 6 to choose from. The main ingredient in my pack is Sandalwood which I think is meant to be the main scent/taste for the toothy tabs. The way you use them is you crush a tab between your teeth and then start brushing, So I gave one a god on a recent pamper evening.

The first thing I noticed is the Sandalwood is rather over powering and the toothy tabs are a bit to scented, so it felt like I was eating perfume but I decided to carry on instead of spitting it out. So I started to brush and the more I brushed the more foam I got, So I was left with a mouth full of foam and had to spit pretty much every 15 seconds or so. So it was finally time to rinse my mouth and that's when I was really impressed, My teeth were literally squeaky clean they felt great and looked amazing. I also could only taste a small amount of perfume just enough to notice it but not enough to make you gag.

Overall this product is a hit and miss, during the whole brushing my teeth I hated it but the overall results I love it. I may go back to Lush and have a look at the other one's and see if I can get some samples to try before making my purchase!

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