How I Take My Photo's

I think for a Blog the need to take good photo's make up around 40% of your blog post's, Sometimes if I find a new Blog to follow and the photo's are from Google or Pinterest or not there's I won't follow or I will lose interest in the post, So today's post is a bit about how I take my photo's and what I use. I must add I know my photo's aren't amazing!

I use a camera which was given to me as a present it's my FujiFilm Finepix J28 with 10.2 Mega Pixels, this camera is good and sturdy and takes a great photo. It has several shooting modes like Party, Text, Sunset and Snow, It has face detection and timer, It also shoots movies and has great sound quality. I found some on Amazon for around £60 so if you can afford one or want an alternative to the big cameras most people use I would 100% recommend this camera.

Finding the right light can be difficult as well as having to much light they can both ruin a great photo, I use a lamp and place it close to the object I am taking a photo or and then snap away, Sometimes I use natural light but find I get a nasty glare from sun rays so if you can find a sunny place with some shadows then shoot there to avoid sun rays. In winter it can be really hard to get the right photo and can get really annoying, I shoot with candles as you get a good shoot but not to much light and not to little.

Having to much in your photo can distract the viewers eyes from the item you are shooting, try having a background which is blank and then add one or two little items such as shells or beads, so they can see the items but its not on show to much or over shadowed.

I hope some of these tips help, leave me yours!

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