High Street Vs. Fashion Thickening Sprays

A few months ago I received a freebie from a magazine for some Bumble and Bumble Thickening spray, cue using it and falling in love but then I had a peak at the price tag and realised for the full size product it is £21.50! Which for me is just to much. So I went on the hunt for a cheaper alternative and found Fat Hair do one for £5.99 which impressed me a lot, so I thought I would do a high street vs. fashion post on these two lovely items.

Bumble and Bumble comes in a clear bottle with simple black writing and also has an easy to use pump. Fat Hair comes in a grey bottle with red writing but has a pump function with a really odd lock. I prefer the Bumble and Bumble as its easy to see how much product you have left and the easy to use pump is much better than one with an odd lock.

Fat Hair scent is very much like a normal hairspray scent fresh and perfume mixed as one. Bumble and Bumble has a fresh almost fruity scent to it. I prefer the hairspray scent as the Bumble and Bumble one can become overpowering to my shampoo, So Fat Hair wins this round.

Both products are liquids and are clear they also have the same lightweight feel to them, once in the hair Bumble and Bumble have a dry effect to puff the hair up, where Fat Hair has a brushable effect while still puffing up the hair to get a thick effect, So Fat Hair wins again.

Price and Packaging
Both are un packaged and just on there own, the price is a massive jump with a £15.51 price difference Fat Hair have a great range between £4-£10 and Bumble and Bumble do some great travel items or mini starting from £7.50. So for this round it has to be Fat Hair.

End Result
Bumble and Bumble lasts all day and always has a scent to it you can always scrunch your hair up and it will stay. Fat Hair lasts all day and is scrunch able but I found the scent went away after a while and if you brush is to much is can take the product out completely.  I loved how each product worked and really enjoyed using them both but in the end Bumble and Bumble lasted all day and gave a better end result.

So in the end Fat Hair win's in my eyes, they have a great range which is available from Superdrug.

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