High Street Vs. Fashion AW13 Lips

My staple product for Autumn/Winter has been my MAC Rebel lipstick but I went on the hunt for an alternative product as each season I won't be able to afford the £15 price tag on MAC products. I came away from Superdrug with a Sleek lipstick in shade Cherry which is perfect for AW and at only £4.99 I can't really complain, So in this blog post I'm going to test out each product and score them out of 5.

Each come in small black boxes MAC is with simple white writing and Sleek has a picture on the lipstick you are buying. I prefer the overall look of Sleek's as they are all similar but have different pictures on with separates them from all the other lipsticks, were as MAC all the product are in the same box just a different name on a small circle sticker. So Sleek win this point.

MAC has a bullet design with a silver logo and small silver sticker on the base with the name of lipstick, Sleek is a small black design with black lettering but the base has a picture of the shade of lipstick rather then just the words. What's odd is MAC is a larger design but only has 3g and Sleek is smaller with 3.5g. I much prefer the overall look of MAC so this round goes to MAC.

Sleek is very glossy and has a nice shimmer to it, were MAC is very matte and has a shine to it. Sleek is labeled as a sheen which I would 100% agree with and MAC is labeled as a satin lipstick which I would also agree with. For this round it's hard to choose but I think I much prefer Sleek.

On my lips MAC feel's really light as smoothing almost like it is a healing product which I love, Sleek feels rather light but as a drying affect after a while. MAC differently wins in this round

How long does it last
MAC tends to last me around 4 hours and then I have to apply it also doesn't dry my lips up and in the morning my lips feel nice and soft. Sleek last's around the same time 4 hours but does dry my lips out and in the morning my lips really quite worn out. So MAC win this round.

Overall MAC win 3 points and Sleek win 2, I still love my Sleek lipstick and would buy it again.

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