Happy Halloween!

My favorite holiday and season is Halloween and October, I always love being cold and snuggly just before it gets to cold to function and I adore the scents, fashion and food in October. This Halloween I had the day of work and was able to go all out! Well make cakes, carve a pumpkin and watch horror films.

Carving the Pumpkin
I was joined by my little brother to carve this year's rather large pumpkin, we did cats eye's and a traditional mouth and nose. My favorite smell ever is fresh pumpkin I love the scent but can never find any candles that have the same scent!

Spooky Cupcakes!
I love to bake and making cupcakes is easy and fun to do, I made chocolate ones as I had some cocoa I needed to use up and then I added some spooky faces using icing sugar and red coloring, I added to much colouring though so I ended up getting a really rich looking red which looked a lot like blood!

Halloween films
Of course I watched the original Halloween, as well as the Rob Zombie remake's. I then watched IT, The Inn Keepers and Trick or Treat. I'm a massive horror fan and on Halloween I tend to watch as many horror films as possible.  There's nothing better then snuggling down and watching some spooky films!

Watch out for tomorrow's post all about going out and dressing up!

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