A New Edition To My Blog

Each month I will be doing a weight loss blog post as at the moment I need some motivation to lose around 6 stone! Which I know is a lot of weight but if I do I will be a healthy happy 8 stone. I think the pressure to do a blog post and let you all know how i'm getting on will make me stick to my diet and try to impress you all.

This month I will be starting my doing a simple 3 meal a day diet as I always snack and pig out in the evening, starting with a bowl of cereal and banana for breakfast, Lunch will be a sandwich and dinner a cooked meal. There will be no snacking or added meals, I'm hoping to get all meals to around 1500 calories a day so around 500 calories a meal.

I will also be cutting out drinks, switching everything to just water or herbal tea. At the moment I have fizzy drinks and milk tea which leave me with heartburn and bad indigestion.

My exercise again will be quite simply just 30 minutes a day, things like squats, sit ups and some small weight lifting. I won't be joining the gym this month as the thought of going into the gym being this weight terrifies me as I know it will be full of skinny minnies
who don't need the gym!

So for this month starting the 1st October my current weight is 14st 8lb and my clothes are size 18-20, my aim for the 1st November is 13st 8lb and to be a size 18! So please leave me some tips and link me to your weight loss posts!

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

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  1. i hope you reach your goal its going to be difficult but you can do it im rooting for ya