My Favorite AW13 Nail Varnishes

This Autumn and Winter they have been a few trends and blog posts about makeup and clothes but I'm yet to see one about nail varnishes to wear, so here is my post on what I will be wearing on my nail's the next few months.

For everyday wear it has to be Sally Hansen Fiery Island, Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Pomegranate and my Barry M Matt White styling it with my Nail Art Pen. The Sally Hansen Fiery Island is perfect as it's a really warm colour and lasts for ages. Barry M in Pomegranate is a nice alternative to the red's and berry shades as it in the Gelly Hi Shine so it adds a nice gloss. I'm also loving my Matt white and nail art pen, you can do some great autumn designs and really add a different look to your nail for this season.

For going out and special occasions I've picked Barry M Red, Miss Sporty Black, Barry M Emerald Green and Primarks Magnetic Nails. When I'm out drinking I stick to Black and Red as they both go with most of my outfits and right into the Autumn Winter months. If I'm out for a special occasions or it's something more than a night out drinking I go with Emerald green a lovely christmas shade or my Magnetic nails, these shades are really dark and mysterious which I love.

I would love to see some blog post's about your must have AW13 nail varnishes.

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