Lush Haul

As everyone know's I'm addicted to Lush, I love the customer service they give, there affordable bath goodies and the fact they bring out around 4 new products a month. But recently I went to my local store which is quite a small one in Oxford and noticed they had nothing I wanted to purchase from my list, I still didn't leave empty handed! But I did an online order and came away with these lovely new product which I've never tried before!

Rose Jam - £4.95
Back by popular demand as a limited edition but only online! This product smells so sweet and nice with added vanilla and goji berry. It also has Rose oil which Lush gets from Turkey, which I think is a lovely alternative to the English Rose's.

Happy Pill - £3.75
A cheap and cheerful bath bomb, another product back by popular demand also only available online or in there Poole shop. It smells like really strong citrus almost as if you have got an orange and lemon and just squished them together. I love the design of this product as well as the fact it is massive it's bigger then my hand!

Ne Worry Pas - £3.95
I was really intrigued by the design of this product, it's just plain white and then a small round hole which is filled with purple glitter. Again only available online or in the Poole shop. It has added soya milk to help soothe this skin which I think its a lovely touch as my skin has been playing up as well as being scented with violets, Not one of my favourite scent's but I thought I would give it a go!

Waving Not Drowning - £2.80
Another cheap and cheerful product! As well as only being available in Poole or online, I was really impressed with the price as well as being the perfect little bath bomb scented with floral scents it's a nice alternative to the impressive over used products.

Happy Bubble Bar - £3.25
I love the design of this bar, it's really simple yet adorable. It's also in my favorite scent ever Orange, The reviews all said there were lots of bubbles so I can't wait to try this product! Again only available in Poole or online.

Orange Blossom Solid Perfume - £5.50
A product in my favorite scent yet again! I tried this in my local store and loved it but due to being on a budget I wasn't able to pick it up, but it's in a lovely scent. You can also warm the product up and get a whole new scent which I thought was quite fun.

Breath Of God Toothy Tabs - £2.50
This was a product I bought for the fun side of things I wasn't sure what they did or how they worked so I picked up Breath Of God. The way they work is you pop one into your mouth and chew then brush your teeth with just your brush no toothpaste. I like this alternative if you are camping or on a holiday which involves carrying as little as possible.

So there you go a rather long post but all the lovely item's I got in the post from Lush, So if you are online or live near Poole I would suggest some of this lovely item's.

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  1. I love the Lush solid perfumes so much! My favourite is 'Love' x

  2. I love lush so much i need a few of these as dont really buy online to get limited editions

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    Carrieanne x