Lush Happy Pill Review

A great product from Lush for £3.75 the bath bomb is massive it was bigger than the palm of my hand and it smelt amazing. It was a citrus scent or orange and lemon, most of the ingredients are oils. The website did say it can be divided to save for another day but I decided to pop it into my bath whole, it fizzed away for around 30-45 minutes which really impressed me as I could relax in my bath with the scent still smelling strong.

Once I have finished my bath the water still smelt really strong, my water however looked a lot like wee! So I didn't get a snap of it, the smell did however last in my bathroom all night and all morning which really impressed me.

I was however disappointed as it's only available to order online or if you live near the poole shop. I would've loved to of kept buying this product as I don't make that many online order's or live anywhere near poole I won't be able to buy it as much as I would like.

Have you brought any Lush product's you fell in love with, let me know!

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

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