Having A Sensitive Month

Every now and then my face, head and hands have a little moment and go all over sensitive, which means I have to stop using all my favorite products and switch to non scented and soothing products. I don't mind to much as it only happens a few times a year but I usually do a whole month detox on my body to clear it up and start fresh.

My head is usually the worse I get really bad spots all over and it goes all dry and itchy, which is not the most attractive thing in the world. But to clear it up I have to use a really strong smelling shampoo called T-Gel and in between washes I use Simple shampoo. It smells so strong it sometimes makes me gag, and it always leaves my scalp feeling tingly. But thanks to this wonderful product it allows me to use strong smelling shampoo's for a few months.

My face always comes up with this horrible spot rash across my forehead and I can never seem to get rid of it, so I'm always using my collection 2000 concealer and sometimes I go out with my MAC foundation on as it covers it better, this is always a bother as I try to save my MAC products for special occasions and not for when some pesky spots want to appear!

My hands are horrible when I have sensitive months, they go so dry and crack sometimes as well as around my nails being so dry I tend to also have really soft nails so they break or chip easy. I have to use a really strong moisturizers like Sudo Crem and wear cotton gloves in the night to try and soften my hands.

I've been quite lucky recently as I sometimes get eczema which is not a pretty sight, but recently its been under control which I'm happy about.

Do you ever get super sensitive skin, how do you cope and what products do you use?

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  1. I get really sensitive skin around my eyes sometimes if I use something that irritates it so I'll have to look into some of these for next time that happens!
    Thanks for the post!