Autumn Tag

I wasn't actually tagged to do the Autumn Tag but thought it was a fun post to do! 

For Autumn, what is your...

1.  Favourite thing about it? I love to laze about and snuggle up watching films, it a great season for snuggling and relaxing with a good book.

2.  Favourite drink? It would have to be peppermint hot chocolate 

3.  Favourite scent/candle? I love berry scents, also Yankee Candle had a lovely berry candle last year that I adore it was a berry scent I'm sure.

4.  Best lipstick? MAC Rebel my new love this season

5.  Go to moisturiser? Atm it's my Vaseline Spray and Go, for my face I don't change my moisturiser for seasons

6.  Go to colours for the eyes? I've been using my MUA Palette's a lot more recently, one of the colours I love is a grey glittery one

7.  Favourite music or band/singer to listen to? The 69 Eyes I love there gothic style they have and it's perfect for Autumn and Winter!

8.  Favourite outfit to wear (i.e. boots & a scarf combo)? I love my woolly tights and a cute dress combo, for outerwear it would be my newly bought Parker and purple skull scarf

9.  Autumn treat? Would be my Parker and new boots

10.  Favourite place to be? Snuggled up in bed!

So the person I tag is Juyey ! Hope you enjoyed this post! 

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

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