August Glossybox Reviews

This months Glossybox has been impressive, all the items I got I've enjoyed using and have been great quality.

My favorite product to use has been the make up remover pen by Oceane, it's been great to you when I've been getting ready for a night out. Its really easy to use and works really well. It also came with replaceable tips which really impressed me.

I also got the Emite Eye Lash curler which was spoke about quite a lot in the blogger community. I use it before applying mascara to create a soft curl, so I press quite softly. I was also impressed as this eye lash curler didn't pinch the sides of my eyes like previous ones I've tried.

I was extremely pleased to get a Jelly Pong Pong product as it's one of my favorite online stores I love there brand. I got the eyeliner/shadow I enjoyed using this product as an shadow as it smudged well and gave a great coverage, using it as an eyeliner was a little tricky due to the tip of the pencil being quite large.

I also got a purifying exfoliating facial polish by the brand Urban Veda, this wash has a minted scent to it and one of my favorite skin care products witch hazel. I enjoyed using this product it left my skin feeling fresh and cleared my skin nicely. It also had pretty cute packaging which is a nice bonus.

Lastly I got the TRESemme keratin smooth which I still haven't used yet,naughty Jess!
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