Room Tour 2013

So I was recently looking through (stalking) Zoella's Youtube channel and she did a video where she did a room tour but not just a single photo of her bedroom but a little video of all her items, So I decided to do a photo version of all my favourite item's from my room!

This is my bed! My bedspread I've had for a while but it's a cupcake design with glitter and sequin's on, I also have a Tardy Turtle which I use when I'm ill and feel like hugging something, I have my teddy bear Candy who I brought when I was 16, for when it gets really cold I have my little owl who I can warm up in the microwave and lastly I have my 'J' pillow which my mum knitted for me, there is also a picture my little brother has done for me on the wall!

This Birdcage was a present from my sister for my 21st birthday, I added all the accessories but I love the birds being on the outside rather then on the inside. The butterfly was from Primark which is suppose to be worn in my hair but I though it looked cuter on the birdcage, I also have some love hearts sticking out which were from a recent wedding I went to!

My sister recently went on holiday to Devon and came back with this lovely Golliwog which I thought was adorable(sorry if it offends anyone), I also have my hanging elephants which were brought for me when I was around 14-16 but I love them and hope to keep them until I'm a little old lady.

I brought these hanging heart lights from Primark around a month ago they are really cute or great for watching some horror films with, I also have been to quite a few gig's if I get to meet the band I always try to have photo's so there are a few.

This is were I do all my hair, make up, getting ready etc. Is all nice and tidy now but as soon as I start to get ready its always a tip!

I'm a massive fan of Harry Potter, these are a small collection of items I have. I also have a massive Snape poster as I adore his character in the films/books.

This is my favourite quote ever! And it's so me, I'm not a mad alcoholic but when I go out drinking I tend to get a little bit carried away so always end up being really drunk!

And lastly I have these adorable Very Hunger Caterpillar boxes to store bits and bobs in, there were loads of designs to choose from but I just love these and so does my little brother!

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have done any room tour posts let me know so I can have a look!

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

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