REN Clean Skincare Review

I recently picked up Red magazine which came with a REN 3 piece set, for the last week or two I've been using the set (until it ran out) and thought I would do a review. In the set was a Cleansing Gel, A day cream and a night cream. I bought the magazine for £3.50 and feel this freebie was a great little find, I've heard loads about the brand and couldn't wait to try out the products.

My favourite product from the set was the cleansing gel it had a lovely rose scent which was soothing and calming, it was a great little cleanser which removed all my make up and lifted the dirt as well as soothing and making my skin feel soft. The only downside was it was quite watery so was fun to get out the rather small tube!

The night cream was a lovely product, although it came in a tiny pot so I felt the need to use the product rather sparingly. I didn't really need to though as it was extremely thick and took ages to soak in, I did however love how soft my skin felt in the morning.

The day cream had the amazing same scent as the cleaning gel and was extremely soothing, my skin felt hydrated most of the day and I found make up went on great over this product. I also found it was a great hand cream as I always had some left over on my finger it smoothed in lovely.

I'm not sure if I would buy the full size products most of them are £15-£20 and I think this is rather a lot for what you get, if it was more £5-£10 I would of definitely purchased the items.

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