Primark Haul August 2013

On my recent trip to Oxford I popped into Primark just to have a little look around as I didn't need much so I concentrated on accessories rather then clothes, I came away with some lovely items!

Sleep In Rollers £2.00
I've heard loads about these and thought I would buy a pack and give it ago, although they look rather big I'm not to sure weather I will be able to sleep in them but I will have ago. There also in a lovely pink colour and seem to be really sturdy and well put together.

Cotton Wool Pads £1.00
I find these extremely helpful with applying/taking of make up and for £1 you get a twin pack with I think is great value for money.

Coral Purse £5
I always seem to go for black purse's or one which match my bag but I decided to be a bit different and go with a bright orange/coral purse. There is loads of space in this purse enough for 10 cards, a zip area and a coin section as well as being super cute its a great little purse.

Cat Make Up Case £3
I kept seeing this item but never picked it up as I have loads of purse's/cases/bags for storage and didn't really think I had the space for it but then I caved and picked one up. There are around 3 design but I really liked the cream one as the detail on the eyes is really cute.

Have you spotted any bargain buys in Primark recently?

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

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