Pedi Pro Deluxe Review

I needed a little feet pick me up this summer as I hadn't really done much to them for several months and they had gotten quite bleurgh looking, So I picked up the Pedi Pro Deluxe from Boots for £19.99 including in the box was a Pedi Pro, Cleaning Brush, A cute Carry Case, Buffing Blade, Seven Buffing Discs and a Shaving Tray.

At first I was a little worried as it sounds and moves really fast but it has two settings one to soften the skin and use on the areas which only need a little buff and then a second setting which is a lot harsher and really works to remove the dead skin from your feet.

I brought this product around 2 months ago and have been using it once a week or twice for special occasions. There is a huge difference in my feet and I am extremely happy with the results. The only downside is it is battery powered, I would have liked a plug in once but I suppose that's what I get for not researching before I buy!

I also picked up a spray as it was buy one get one half price so I picked up boots 24hr foot odour protection, this spray is great and makes me feel loads better as I work in a shoe shop I'm pretty sure they except me to have perfect little toes but that's not the case!

I won't shock anyone with before/after photo's!

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