My Tattoo's 2013

I have 7 tattoo's in total and thought I would do a blog post on them as some of you may of noticed in my pictures I had some and been curious as to what others I had. Some of them have meanings and others don't but I'll let you know as I go along.

Stars and Heart
I had this tattoo as I liked the design and thought it would look cute, it was my second tattoo on my left wrist.

I am a massive fan of butterflies and thought this tattoo would look gorgeous and hopefully it does! This is on my right wrist and it was my first tattoo.

Three flying birds
This is my latest tattoo and it is meant to be my two sisters and brother, showing that they are free. I also love crows and like how they look like three naughty crows.

Kiss Mark
I have always loved this tattoo and really like it on mens necks so I thought were could I get it, so it ended up being on the side of my boob! Which was a naughty choice but I think it still looks good.

This tattoo very almost put me of getting anymore it was so painful and seemed to take forever to do. But I do love it, as lizard are my favourite animals and I'm not allowed one while at home I thought I would get one tattooed on my instead.

This was my third or four tattoo and I got it purely for the looks as I like how it sits when I wear heels and just think it looks really cute. It was less painful then the lizard though as it was higher up my foot.

Gemini Star Sign
This tattoo is on the back of my neck as a small reminder to anyone who knows me that I'm a Gemini and can be very nice or quite harsh which is most defiantly my personality. It was the least painful tattoo I have had and probably my favourite.

Do you have any tattoo's and have done a blog post about them? Let me know!
I had all my tattoo's done at a studio in Banbury called Spruced Dappa, I've always received great customer service from them and if you are ever in or by Banbury I would recommend getting a tattoo here. Prices range from £40 upwards!

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

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  1. Ooh I love your three birds! I only have two tattoos so far but really want some more :)

    Jess xo