My First Time Tag

I was tagged to do the My First Time by Jai , this tag is not what you think at first but there are some great questions! so here goes:

The Rules:

  • You must share the following first's and give the story or the context behind them
  • You must tag 10 other bloggers to do the tag
  • No tag backs
First Best Friend
My first best friend was when I was in primary school and she was called Kerry, we were best friend's mainly due to the fact we looked like each other and everyone called us twins. We hung out loads but then when I moved we lost contact, until Secondary school when we realised that we didn't actually like each other as much as we thought!

First Kiss
It was at a gig and it was my best friends brother, awkward times at school the next day.

First Concert
It was either Busted or Mcfly, I was into pop music when I was younger so I saw Mcfly around 5 times. My first gig was a Tower's of London one, when I phoned there drummer (he left his number on myspace!) and he let me in for free as I didn't have tickets!

First Celebrity Crush
Oh a hard one! I think it was Gerard Way for music and films it was Alan Rickman.

First Word
I'm hoping Mummy or Daddy

First Pet
It would of been my hamster pepper, he was brought in a group of three with his brother and sister but in the end they kept fighting and we had to separate them.

First Job
Working in Iceland, the supermarket not the country!

First Phone
I'm pretty sure it was the silver Motorola that flipped open

First Tweet
Getting Ready to go shopping =] 23 Jan 09!

First Make Up
I'm not to sure but I think it was powder for when I was at school

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I hope you enjoyed! Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

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  1. Lol I remember my first concert. It was NBRidaz. Not sure if you've ever heard of them but I remember being so excited. I have to LOL at the thoght. Great tag!

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