Lush Cupcake Face Mask Review

This yummy pot of goodness only cost £5.95 from the Lush store in Oxford. I love there face masks they always seem so edible and make my skin feel amazing, I always go for the Face Masks that help your skin but this time I went for fun one instead.

I picked up Cupcake which is made from a range of oils, mud and of course chocolate! Although it is a fun packed mask there is a serious side to it to which helps absorbs grease and give a good cleanse. I found this product left my skin feeling really soft and fresh, in the morning my skin felt free from dirt and almost lifted. I was really impressed by this product and the best thing is it only lasts a month so I must use it at least 2 times a week!

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

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  1. I've wanted to try this forever! I'm glad it also helped your skin. I've heard others say it doesn't do anything!