Attending A Summer Wedding

I was lucky enough to get invited to my friend's evening do of her wedding, it was a lovely clear day and was perfect for a wedding. I went with my sister and her boyfriend but didn't go with a date as I didn't want to be in a large group as I like to mingle.

My outfit was a lovely peach dress from Primark, a boyfriend blazer from New Look, Sailor shoes from River Island and a clutch bag I brought from Primark 6 years ago for my mum's wedding. I styled it with a belt from Primark, a necklace from River Island and my daisy chain from River Island.

I used most of my MAC make up as I feel I get the best coverage from this brand, as well as Dainty Doll Kingston Town Eyeshadow, Jelly Pong Pong mascara and Lily Cole purple eyeliner. For my lips I used MAC Naturally Eccentric and then applied Model Co Strip Tease Lip Gloss.

For my nails decided to go for green as I thought it would clash and look great for photo's so I used my Barry M nail paint for my toes and from H&M I used nail wraps in a green and silver design.

I styled my hair using bumble and bumble thickening hairspray and some back combing, then I place my sleep in rollers in around 4pm taking them out at around 6.30 before placing my Daisy chain in and pinning it in place. I think this is my favourite look for my hair as it quite short and thick and its so easy to do I have no troubles - just in the morning trying to brush it out!

I had so much fun attending my friend's wedding and thought I looked ok, I can't wait for the next few which are coming up!

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

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  1. Great post lovely, you look so pretty! Those nail wraps look gorgeous

    Kayleigh xo