Vaseline Spray and Go Review

Hands up, who's a lazy moisturiser, me! I was delighted to see a spray on moisturiser in my local boots by the brand Vaseline. It's a new range called Spray and Go which promises to dry in seconds, instantly leaves skin feeling soft and dispenses evenly with one spray. It cost £4.99 which I think is a little pricey but I was able to get it with my boots points so it wasn't to bad.

I brought Essential Moisture but there are two more choices a Aloe Vera one and Cocoa Radiant. You get 190ml in one can, as well as it being non greasy it has pure oat extract and stratys. I found it sprayed well and went on evenly, it was also really easy to rub in and did dry quite quickly (I wouldn't say in seconds like it promises). I also noticed that is lasted the whole day and did make my skin feel soft and moisturise.

I'm really impressed with the product and hopefully it will help me to moisturise each day and not just when I can be bothered, I'm not sure I will try the other two as I'm not a fan of the scent's but I will be re purchasing the Essential Moisture one. Did you buy the new Vaseline Spray and Go, what did you think?

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Room Tour 2013

So I was recently looking through (stalking) Zoella's Youtube channel and she did a video where she did a room tour but not just a single photo of her bedroom but a little video of all her items, So I decided to do a photo version of all my favourite item's from my room!

This is my bed! My bedspread I've had for a while but it's a cupcake design with glitter and sequin's on, I also have a Tardy Turtle which I use when I'm ill and feel like hugging something, I have my teddy bear Candy who I brought when I was 16, for when it gets really cold I have my little owl who I can warm up in the microwave and lastly I have my 'J' pillow which my mum knitted for me, there is also a picture my little brother has done for me on the wall!

This Birdcage was a present from my sister for my 21st birthday, I added all the accessories but I love the birds being on the outside rather then on the inside. The butterfly was from Primark which is suppose to be worn in my hair but I though it looked cuter on the birdcage, I also have some love hearts sticking out which were from a recent wedding I went to!

My sister recently went on holiday to Devon and came back with this lovely Golliwog which I thought was adorable(sorry if it offends anyone), I also have my hanging elephants which were brought for me when I was around 14-16 but I love them and hope to keep them until I'm a little old lady.

I brought these hanging heart lights from Primark around a month ago they are really cute or great for watching some horror films with, I also have been to quite a few gig's if I get to meet the band I always try to have photo's so there are a few.

This is were I do all my hair, make up, getting ready etc. Is all nice and tidy now but as soon as I start to get ready its always a tip!

I'm a massive fan of Harry Potter, these are a small collection of items I have. I also have a massive Snape poster as I adore his character in the films/books.

This is my favourite quote ever! And it's so me, I'm not a mad alcoholic but when I go out drinking I tend to get a little bit carried away so always end up being really drunk!

And lastly I have these adorable Very Hunger Caterpillar boxes to store bits and bobs in, there were loads of designs to choose from but I just love these and so does my little brother!

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have done any room tour posts let me know so I can have a look!

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Avobath Bath Bomb Lush Review

This was one of those bath bomb's that didn't really stand out for me but after seeing a review on another blog I thought I would pick it up and give it ago, for only £3.20 it wasn't a bad buy.

The scent was really citrus's and the smell of lemon really stood out, the overall time it took to fizz out was good and after the smell was really strong. I loved the colour it turned my bath water that was my highlight it kind of reminded me of being at a beach. Overall I think the bath bomb did win me around and I would buy it again!

Have you brought any goodies from Lush this month?

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One Direction MUA Make Up Range

I pop into my Superdrug store and got all over excited as they had moved the MUA stand to its own little counter next to all the other brand, a proud moment! But while I was there I noticed the One Direction range and thought I would have a little mooch but was surprised to find a really cute nail paint and lipstick so I picked them up along with some other bits and bobs.

1D Nail Polish  Little Things Gold and Gorgeous Niall £3
The colour looks great and comes out well on my nails, I used 2 coats and found that created a nice shade. I wore it for around 4 days before it chipped badly enough for me to remove it. For £3 you get 12ml and a plectrum picture of Niall, the bottle design is nice and you get a decent size brush. Overall I was really impress and would buy more of the range.

1D Lipstick Rock Me Louis £3
I really liked the design on the lipstick for this product is had little kisses and hugs as well as a 1D logo on top of the lipstick. It went on well and felt nice on it also lasted for around an hour before I felt the need to re apply. The lipstick packaging is cute and simply I really liked it.

I was overall surprise with the range and am kind of excited to go back and try some more items, for a boyband they did good!

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My Tattoo's 2013

I have 7 tattoo's in total and thought I would do a blog post on them as some of you may of noticed in my pictures I had some and been curious as to what others I had. Some of them have meanings and others don't but I'll let you know as I go along.

Stars and Heart
I had this tattoo as I liked the design and thought it would look cute, it was my second tattoo on my left wrist.

I am a massive fan of butterflies and thought this tattoo would look gorgeous and hopefully it does! This is on my right wrist and it was my first tattoo.

Three flying birds
This is my latest tattoo and it is meant to be my two sisters and brother, showing that they are free. I also love crows and like how they look like three naughty crows.

Kiss Mark
I have always loved this tattoo and really like it on mens necks so I thought were could I get it, so it ended up being on the side of my boob! Which was a naughty choice but I think it still looks good.

This tattoo very almost put me of getting anymore it was so painful and seemed to take forever to do. But I do love it, as lizard are my favourite animals and I'm not allowed one while at home I thought I would get one tattooed on my instead.

This was my third or four tattoo and I got it purely for the looks as I like how it sits when I wear heels and just think it looks really cute. It was less painful then the lizard though as it was higher up my foot.

Gemini Star Sign
This tattoo is on the back of my neck as a small reminder to anyone who knows me that I'm a Gemini and can be very nice or quite harsh which is most defiantly my personality. It was the least painful tattoo I have had and probably my favourite.

Do you have any tattoo's and have done a blog post about them? Let me know!
I had all my tattoo's done at a studio in Banbury called Spruced Dappa, I've always received great customer service from them and if you are ever in or by Banbury I would recommend getting a tattoo here. Prices range from £40 upwards!

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Lush Cupcake Face Mask Review

This yummy pot of goodness only cost £5.95 from the Lush store in Oxford. I love there face masks they always seem so edible and make my skin feel amazing, I always go for the Face Masks that help your skin but this time I went for fun one instead.

I picked up Cupcake which is made from a range of oils, mud and of course chocolate! Although it is a fun packed mask there is a serious side to it to which helps absorbs grease and give a good cleanse. I found this product left my skin feeling really soft and fresh, in the morning my skin felt free from dirt and almost lifted. I was really impressed by this product and the best thing is it only lasts a month so I must use it at least 2 times a week!

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MAC Studio Fix Powder Review

Each month I've been allowing myself to purchase one MAC product as I love the store and the quality of products you get. I picked up studio fix powder to go with my foundation in shade NW13 which cost £21.50, I only use the items on special occasions and not as everyday use to anyone stressing on the price!

The powder comes in a 15g pot and has a mirror and a sponge applicator. I find the powder goes on well and covers my skin nicely, when added over my foundation it looks extremely nice and even and when applying blusher it clings to the powder nicely. I'm really impressed by this powder and think its one of the best buys from MAC so far. If it wasn't so expensive I would wear it everyday but you can't have anything you want!

The store which I use is the Debenhams in Oxford I find them to be really helpful and I trust most the things they say, I recently went up to Birmingham and went to have a look at the MAC counter there and felt really uncomfortable to be with the sales assistants there it was an awful experience. Has anyone else use the counter there and had any bad services from the staff members?

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Pedi Pro Deluxe Review

I needed a little feet pick me up this summer as I hadn't really done much to them for several months and they had gotten quite bleurgh looking, So I picked up the Pedi Pro Deluxe from Boots for £19.99 including in the box was a Pedi Pro, Cleaning Brush, A cute Carry Case, Buffing Blade, Seven Buffing Discs and a Shaving Tray.

At first I was a little worried as it sounds and moves really fast but it has two settings one to soften the skin and use on the areas which only need a little buff and then a second setting which is a lot harsher and really works to remove the dead skin from your feet.

I brought this product around 2 months ago and have been using it once a week or twice for special occasions. There is a huge difference in my feet and I am extremely happy with the results. The only downside is it is battery powered, I would have liked a plug in once but I suppose that's what I get for not researching before I buy!

I also picked up a spray as it was buy one get one half price so I picked up boots 24hr foot odour protection, this spray is great and makes me feel loads better as I work in a shoe shop I'm pretty sure they except me to have perfect little toes but that's not the case!

I won't shock anyone with before/after photo's!

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My First Time Tag

I was tagged to do the My First Time by Jai , this tag is not what you think at first but there are some great questions! so here goes:

The Rules:

  • You must share the following first's and give the story or the context behind them
  • You must tag 10 other bloggers to do the tag
  • No tag backs
First Best Friend
My first best friend was when I was in primary school and she was called Kerry, we were best friend's mainly due to the fact we looked like each other and everyone called us twins. We hung out loads but then when I moved we lost contact, until Secondary school when we realised that we didn't actually like each other as much as we thought!

First Kiss
It was at a gig and it was my best friends brother, awkward times at school the next day.

First Concert
It was either Busted or Mcfly, I was into pop music when I was younger so I saw Mcfly around 5 times. My first gig was a Tower's of London one, when I phoned there drummer (he left his number on myspace!) and he let me in for free as I didn't have tickets!

First Celebrity Crush
Oh a hard one! I think it was Gerard Way for music and films it was Alan Rickman.

First Word
I'm hoping Mummy or Daddy

First Pet
It would of been my hamster pepper, he was brought in a group of three with his brother and sister but in the end they kept fighting and we had to separate them.

First Job
Working in Iceland, the supermarket not the country!

First Phone
I'm pretty sure it was the silver Motorola that flipped open

First Tweet
Getting Ready to go shopping =] 23 Jan 09!

First Make Up
I'm not to sure but I think it was powder for when I was at school

The Bloggers I Tag are:
! Zoe-Lianne x !
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I hope you enjoyed! Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

August Glossybox 2013

This months Glossybox is a HighFlyers theme with some great holiday items. I received 5 great products including one from my favourite online brand Jelly Pong Pong. The five items are from five different counties including UK and Brazil.

Emite Make Up Eyelash Curler - £20! Sweden
I saw this product on the Glossybox Facebook page and thought I really hope I don't get it, oh well I suppose you have to have one product you're not to keen on. I have extremely small awkward eyes and find them impossible when applying make up so to receive an eyelash curler I had a small bit of dread in me. But I will give it a go and see how it goes!

Urban Veda Purifying Exfoliating Facial Wash - £7.99 India
I'm always looking to try new face products as I have so many breakouts, I'm still hoping to find my holy grail face range. I've not heard of this brand before but the smell of this product is lovely, it has mint and witch hazel in which should hopefully calm my skin on its next breakout.

Jelly Pong Pong 2-in-1 Eyeshadow and Eyeliner £10.50 UK
This product isn't available to order in the UK yet but I already know I'm going to love it. It has a large tip in order to smudge and create a lush eye design but it also works well as a liner. I'm not to sure how it will go as an eyeliner but I'm always up for giving a beauty product a go.

TRESemme Keratin Smooth Concentrated Treatment £1.49 USA
This product is a little wake up shot for you hair, for £1.49 you get a 15ml product to use once a week. You only need to apply to damaged parts of your hair and should avoid roots, as well as only leaving it on for 60 seconds you need to rinse well. Sounds like a chore rather then washing your hair but as its from a trusted brand I will give it ago and see how well it deals with my very damaged dyed ends.

Oceane Make Up Remover Pen £unknown! Not Yet Available Brazil
This product will be great for me to use around my eyes as I'm always smudging and making a mess , it also comes with 3 replaceable tips which I think is great and handy. I think this is the product I'm most looking forward to reviewing! But unfortunately its not available in the UK yet so the price is unknown!

There's been some great products this month, the reviews will be coming soon!

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

Attending A Summer Wedding

I was lucky enough to get invited to my friend's evening do of her wedding, it was a lovely clear day and was perfect for a wedding. I went with my sister and her boyfriend but didn't go with a date as I didn't want to be in a large group as I like to mingle.

My outfit was a lovely peach dress from Primark, a boyfriend blazer from New Look, Sailor shoes from River Island and a clutch bag I brought from Primark 6 years ago for my mum's wedding. I styled it with a belt from Primark, a necklace from River Island and my daisy chain from River Island.

I used most of my MAC make up as I feel I get the best coverage from this brand, as well as Dainty Doll Kingston Town Eyeshadow, Jelly Pong Pong mascara and Lily Cole purple eyeliner. For my lips I used MAC Naturally Eccentric and then applied Model Co Strip Tease Lip Gloss.

For my nails decided to go for green as I thought it would clash and look great for photo's so I used my Barry M nail paint for my toes and from H&M I used nail wraps in a green and silver design.

I styled my hair using bumble and bumble thickening hairspray and some back combing, then I place my sleep in rollers in around 4pm taking them out at around 6.30 before placing my Daisy chain in and pinning it in place. I think this is my favourite look for my hair as it quite short and thick and its so easy to do I have no troubles - just in the morning trying to brush it out!

I had so much fun attending my friend's wedding and thought I looked ok, I can't wait for the next few which are coming up!

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

Lush Ceridwen's Cauldron Bath Melt Review

I picked up this Bath Melt as I was intrigued by the whole bag in a bath thing, It comes in a small pouch which you just drop into the bath and leave it to melt away. I wasn't sure how it would work so I picked one up to try.

The smell was very fresh and it had a very outdoor smell to it, once placed into the bath the smell of Lavender is strong and relaxing. The water becomes cloudy and quite soft on the skin, I was in the bath for around 45 minutes and last minute I used the pouch to wash my body. It was soft and felt really nice on my skin as well as leaving my skin after really clean and nice.

Here's what was in the pouch!


I really enjoyed using this bath melt and for £3.99 I would happily buy it again, Have you brought any goodies from Lush recently?

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Lush Haul August 2013

I've now ended my spending ban and was finally able to visit Lush in Oxford, by far my favorite Lush store! I picked up some favorite items and some new ones to try out.

Cupcake Facemask £5.95
I've only ever brought and used one face mask by lush which was the Cosmetic Warrior to help clear my skin up, so this time I went for a fun mask and thought Cupcake looked and smelt amazing. For only £5.95 you get a month's worth of facemask which is a fresh product so it needs to be stored in the fridge. I think they are a great buy as there is always a big variety to choose from.

Seanik Shampoo Bar £5.25
I was intrigued as to weather or not the shampoo bars worked so I went to have a little nose and smell when I was stopped by a helpful employee who went through the choices and help me find the right one for me. I ended up leaving with Seanik a bright green lovely smelling one, I have used it a few times already and can honestly say they work just as well as any other shampoo if not even better.

Big Solid Conditioner £9.00
While I was having a look at Bar shampoo I noticed a product which I had heard a lot about that being the Big hair range. I opted for the conditioner, I can not wait to try the product to see what the hype is behind the range.

Avobath Bathbomb £3.20
I'm yet to try Avobath due to the scent putting me of, but when another blogger recently did a review on the bathbomb I was really intrigued as to what it was like. I can't wait to try it out as I am due a nice relaxing pamper day soon!

Fizzbanger Bathbomb £3.20
One of my favorite bath bombs, I love how fun this one is and how it jumps around the bath. You can see my review here Fizzbanger Review .

Ceridwen's Cauldron £3.99
This looked like such an odd product I just had to pick it up, being Pagan I was really intrigued by the name and then when I looked into it it sounded like a really fun product to use. I think i'm most excited to do a review on this product over all the rest.

Have you been shopping recently and have any reviews, let me know in the comments!

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

Primark Haul August 2013

On my recent trip to Oxford I popped into Primark just to have a little look around as I didn't need much so I concentrated on accessories rather then clothes, I came away with some lovely items!

Sleep In Rollers £2.00
I've heard loads about these and thought I would buy a pack and give it ago, although they look rather big I'm not to sure weather I will be able to sleep in them but I will have ago. There also in a lovely pink colour and seem to be really sturdy and well put together.

Cotton Wool Pads £1.00
I find these extremely helpful with applying/taking of make up and for £1 you get a twin pack with I think is great value for money.

Coral Purse £5
I always seem to go for black purse's or one which match my bag but I decided to be a bit different and go with a bright orange/coral purse. There is loads of space in this purse enough for 10 cards, a zip area and a coin section as well as being super cute its a great little purse.

Cat Make Up Case £3
I kept seeing this item but never picked it up as I have loads of purse's/cases/bags for storage and didn't really think I had the space for it but then I caved and picked one up. There are around 3 design but I really liked the cream one as the detail on the eyes is really cute.

Have you spotted any bargain buys in Primark recently?

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

July Glossybox Review

This month's box is an impressive Seaside Splash theme, I loved the box it was a gorgeous green blue colour and had some amazing products in. I was really impressed with the products as I received 3 full size products and 2 mini's. All the products were perfect for this month as it's been so hot!

Coola Organic Suncare Collection - Mineral Face SPF 20 Unscented 
I received this product as a mini, the full size product would be £29.99. I thought it was a lovely little sun protector, although it stated it was unscented I found it had a rather nice little scent which was really fresh. It blended in and set well, It felt like I had some on my face but when I went inside after tanning it would turn out I didn't have enough on as my face had burnt!

Sleek Make up - Pout Paint
The colour of these lip paints is quite shocking but once mixed and blended in they look extremely impressive, I received 2 in shades Minx and Mauve Over they were both full size at £4.99 each. Blending them we other lip products was fun as you only need a tiny blob in order to create a lovely shade of lip product. I was really impress by this range and will certainly be having a look at the other products they have available.

Alterna Haircare - Bamboo Style Boho Waves
This was another mini product for the full size bottle it cost's £23. This product has a lovely fresh outdoors scent, I found it went into my hair well and didn't leave it feeling sticky or looking greasy. It was really easy to use just spray into hair and leave to get a tousled styled hair. It did work for my ends and made my hair look quite cute but then as my hair is so thick on top it didn't do much after that. I don't think I would repurchase this product but for anyone with long hair it would be prefect.

Anatomicals - Facial Spritz
I'm in love with this product! I know it's just like spritzing water onto your face but it smells amazing and leaves my face smelling/feeling amazing. For only £6 it will definitely be a product I will be buying again, I've always wanted to try a product from the Anatomicals range and now I know they do amazing products like this I will have to check out there other products!

I did also received a Essie Sleek Sticks nail art but I still haven't use it yet so can't do a review till later!

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

REN Clean Skincare Review

I recently picked up Red magazine which came with a REN 3 piece set, for the last week or two I've been using the set (until it ran out) and thought I would do a review. In the set was a Cleansing Gel, A day cream and a night cream. I bought the magazine for £3.50 and feel this freebie was a great little find, I've heard loads about the brand and couldn't wait to try out the products.

My favourite product from the set was the cleansing gel it had a lovely rose scent which was soothing and calming, it was a great little cleanser which removed all my make up and lifted the dirt as well as soothing and making my skin feel soft. The only downside was it was quite watery so was fun to get out the rather small tube!

The night cream was a lovely product, although it came in a tiny pot so I felt the need to use the product rather sparingly. I didn't really need to though as it was extremely thick and took ages to soak in, I did however love how soft my skin felt in the morning.

The day cream had the amazing same scent as the cleaning gel and was extremely soothing, my skin felt hydrated most of the day and I found make up went on great over this product. I also found it was a great hand cream as I always had some left over on my finger it smoothed in lovely.

I'm not sure if I would buy the full size products most of them are £15-£20 and I think this is rather a lot for what you get, if it was more £5-£10 I would of definitely purchased the items.

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo