My Holiday To Helsinki!

My trip to Helsinki was amazing! The weather was fantastic and there was so much to do, I flew with Finnair who are a low budget airline company offering flights to Europe and connection flight's to the rest of the world. It was a 2 hour 45 minute flight and I was extremely impressed with how the flight ran. When I arrived in Helsinki the weather was 25 degrees and stay like that for my whole holiday (thankfully).

There was loads to do I visited loads of Museums my favorite being the Kiasma Museum which was a Contemporary Art Museum, It feature a room full of Art by a bloke called Dan Perjovschi, I was extremely impressed by his work. I also went to a Zoo on an island called Korkeasaari which was an amazing zoo with Bears and Reindeer, on the way back I also got the boat across which stop of at an impressive flea market.

My hostel was a central one by the name of Kongressikoti, which was fantastic. I had a single room with shared shower and toilet, it was all clean and run well, with some great extra's (a hairdryer yay!). On the last night I was able to visit a bar owned my one of my favorite drummer's Jussi 69 from The 69 Eyes, I was so over excited even though he wasn't there I turned into a kid at Christmas! I also watched a live band by the name of Private Line, even though it was all in Finnish it was still great! 

So hopefully that gave you an idea of what I got up to! If you are thinking of visiting Finland/Helsinki feel free to ask me any questions, I can hopefully help you out =]

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo


  1. Holiday envy over here. Haha.
    I would love to go to Finland, I adore the music and the country just looks beautiful.
    I can't believe you got to see Private Line, they are such an amazing band bet they were amazing live. :D

    Sounds like you had such a good time ^_^

    Juyey xx

  2. OMG those moomin dolls? are amazing! haha x

  3. def jelly you got to go on vacay havent been on one in ages hope you enjoyed