Lily Cole Liquid Eyeliner Review

I picked up this item from Helsinki's Body Shop for One euro (86p) you get 3ml of purple liquid eyeliner. I really like the packaging of the product it was cute yet sophisticated and the little tube fits well into my make up case.

Applying the product was rather easy I found the eyeliner to be a little watery so I was able to smudge and blend well, the product does come out rather light and almost looks blue in certain lights. I found it was easier to apply when I used eye shadow first as it caught any over smudging, I found the eyeliner stayed on all day and didn't fade or get messy.

I really liked this product and may have to have a little mooch if the sale is still on to see if I can find any more products from the Lily Cole range!

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

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