I Went Shopping!

I was walking round my local shopping centre when I noticed Body Shop were having a sale with up to 50% of certain items, so I had a little wonder in and was quite impress with some of the prices. I picked up to new shower gel's in Raspberry and Blueberry scent for just £2 each! They have a lovely summer scent to them, extremely fruity almost overpowering. I also picked up an item I had not seen before Foaming Bath Powder for just £1.50, it comes in a cute drawstring bag and you get 60g of powder, it doesn't really have a scent but I love bubbles and all things fun in the bath!

Whilst I was in Helsinki I stopped of at the Body Shop there and was able to pick up a Lily Cole purple eyeliner for just one Euro, I have small brown almond shaped eyes and am hoping this product will give them the little pop they need. I also fell in love with a soap over in Helsinki from the company Lemon Juice and Glycerine and was quite happy to spot a hand cream by the same company in the same scent for around two Euro's, the smell is divine so sugary and sweet and it soften's my hands nicely. I kind of wished I had picked up around 20 little tubes!

On one of my recent trips to TKMaxx I was on the hunt for a new perfume and picked up a Christine Aguilera one for £9.99 it has quite a nice musky scent and is rather sophisticated but I really liked it as its quite different to the girly fragrances I usually go for, it came with a free lipgloss by Maxfactor which I wasn't overly impressed by but as it was a freebie I can't really complain much! I also picked up a beauty blender for £4.99 by the company Earth Therapeutics the design is great for me and I really enjoy using blenders, this one is bright pink which is always a bonus.

Lastly, I picked up a magazine called Red mainly due to the fact they had a Ren freebie, in the resealable pack I received a Day cream, night cream and a cleansing gel. I think buying magazine's each month with great samples in is a great way to test out item's you can't really afford. I have been wanted to try some Ren products but was unsure of the price now I can test them out to see if my skin is right for the full sized products. I think the magazine was around £3.50.

But sadly I am now on a spending ban as part of my diet, unless I lose the weight I can't spend any money!

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

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