Holiday Product's Reviews

On my recent trip to Helsinki I took a few beauty mini's I had never tried before so I could have a chance to review them, the item's I took were Nivea Facial Cleansing Wipes, Balance Me Face mask, Vaseline, Yves Rocher Moisturisers, Umberto Giannini Shampoo and Conditioner, Radox Shower Smoothie, Cocoa Butter and Calypso Dry Oil.

The product I was most impressed by was the Nivea Face Wipes, these were light and came in a handy pack it only had 7 wipes in which was ideal for my holiday. I found they cleaned my skin well and removed all my make up, you could also use them cleanse your face which I found useful as it worked well.

The products I needed to use the most were my moisturisers I took with me my Cocoa Butter, Vaseline and Yves Rocher. I took these products as I knew they work well and knew my skin would be well protected, I love how all these products sink in and don't leave me feeling sticky but still hydrated. They also kept my skin from having any breakouts which is horrid when you are on holiday and a nasty spot pops out to say hello! I also used my Balance Me face mask in the evening and felt it really helped to clear my skin and stop it from any holiday breakouts.

One of the new products I had never used before was Umberto Ginnaini shampoo and conditioner, I wasn't to impressed with this set. The shampoo had a soap scent to it rather then a nice shampoo scent it was almost like I had got a bar of soap and rubbed it onto my hair. The conditioner was nice it made my hair extremely soft and I would more then likely re purchase it. Also the bottles were extremely hard to use, getting any product out was awful I either got a small blob or shook to hard and got a week worth of shampoo on my hands.

Lastly 2 products I loved using were my Radox Shower Smoothie and my sun protector, the shower smoothie was such an intense smell and I loved how it left my skin feeling so soft and smooth after using. Then I picked up a new sun protector I decided to go for a dry oil one as I'm not a fan of rubbing in sun cream every 4 hours I would much prefer to spray and go, the brand I used was Calypso. The product worked great and was so easy to use, I didn't burn and felt protected.

So there we go a rather long post, but hope you enjoyed!

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo 

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