90's Kid Tag

I wasn't actually tagged for this but thought it was such a great little post I had to give it a try, I saw it on ! Zoe - Lianne x! 's blog and then had a little look around and found some great post's by some bloggers as well as Youtube video's on the tag, I'm surprised I've only just found it!

Favorite Toys?
I loved playing with dolls and Barbies, I also got into Pokemon and pogs as a child, I remember having loads as a child and collecting the stickers for my Pokemon sticker book. I have kept one barbie who was my absolute favorite and now that i'm 22 they still no chance of me giving her up!

Favorite Adverts?
I used to love the adverts for the child shows and when it was around christmas time and Toy's R Us would bring out adverts I could spend hours watching them and writing little christmas lists.

N'Sync or Backstreet Boys?
If I had to choose it would be Backstreet Boys, although for me it was all about the girl bands!

Weirdest Fashion Trend?
I remember the little bands or shag bands but not sure if they were 90's or 00's, I was always in flared trousers and I had a bubble coat lol imagine wearing one of those now!

Favorite Collectable?
It would have to be my Pokemon stickers, I used to spend hours swapping with friends and going through my little book. I have no idea what happened to it =[ I would love to of kept it really neat and clean so I could have it now.

Favorite Beanie Baby?
I remember only owning one little Beanie and it was the pig, I'm sure I had more but this one just sticks out for me. I love the classic Beanie, when I worked in a Toy Shop we had the newer range and it just wasn't the same.

How many Tamagochi's did you go through?
Haha great question! Me and my 2 sister's all had one each and I think at the end of the little craze there was around 10-15 going about the house.

Favorite game system and game?
I'm sure this was 90's but it was Sega and it was Sonic the Hedgehog, I used to spend ages playing and collecting the gold coins!

Favorite Disney Movie?
Beauty and the Beast! I adore the story and it's the only Disney film I can sit through without getting bored.

Favorite music artist?
wow, just one erm it would have to be The Spice Girls!

Favorite game?
I was a really outdoor kid and pretty much spent my childhood outside, so if breaking into derelict buildings was a game then I pretty sure I would of won each time!

Favorite Mcdonalds happy meal toy?
 I don't really have a favorite =/ I haven't collected anything from there and I can't remember any of the toys I got from the 90's

Favorite Book?
I remember having a book called Jessica, and I loved it. I'm pretty sure I still have it somewhere. The story if I remember correctly was about a naughty girl, which I think it was made my mum buy it as it reminder her of me!

Favorite clothing store?
This is a hard one as my mum brought all my clothes until I was old enough to go of the New Look on my own. I'm sure it was places like Tammy and the company with the apple logo.

Favorite TV shows?
I had loads! I use to love Rugrats, Tots TV, Arnold, Arthur =]

Favorite sweets/snack?
I used to love buying things like Fruit Salad, Black Jacks(i think that it was they were called), Pick a Mix, Bubblegum.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post it was fun to write! Were you a 90's child? What kind of mischief did you get up to?

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

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