50 Facts About Me

I thought I would do a post of things about me as I feel you may not know much about me, I'm aiming for 50 but I'm not sure there is that much to know about me but here goes!

  1. I'm a gemini, my birthday is 27th May 1991 making me 22
  2. I have brown eyes and dirty blonde hair
  3. I've had glasses since I was really little due to chicken pox going over my eyeballs (lovely! lol)
  4. I'm not immune to chicken pox, I've had it 3 times
  5. I'm 5 foot 2 
  6. I'm addicted to fizzy drinks, if I stop drinking them for more then 24 hours I turn psycho!
  7. I'm a lover of savory food and hate anything to sweet to eat
  8. My favourite colours are purple, red and coral
  9. I love going to gigs 
  10. I love making lists and writing everything out

  1. I'm afraid of the ocean, I hate beach holidays so I always go to cities instead
  2. I refuse to watch sad films as I don't like crying, Marley and Me almost made me walk out the cinema
  3. I love classic 80's horror films
  4. My favorite type of music is indie bands or Helsinki rock bands - The 69 Eyes are epic!
  5. I use to self harm and have had depression in the past
  6. I'm always on a diet, I just have more bad days then good days =]
  7. I always have plain food without sauce or salad dressing, it gross's me out seeing someone eat food with sauce on it
  8. I'm from Birmingham and I'm a proud brummie 
  9. I always get tonsillitis but am to scared to have them removed, ever since my great nan passed away me and hospitals are no longer friends
  10. I'm a shopaholic, just ask my bank
  1. I love zoo's and aquariums
  2. I joined Peta them had to unsubscribe because it made me cry 
  3. I don't have a best friend, I class my sister as my best friend so feel the need to not have one
  4. I'm really nosey, I love looking through people bathroom cabinets
  5. I once had a best friend of 10 years, who I had never met or seen in person but chatted to them everyday online or by text, then we stop talking =[ 
  6. I'm scared of ladybugs, one flew into my key when I was little and now I hate them
  7. I have 7 tattoos and am planning more!
  8. I always seem to get on with everyone and I think it annoys people
  9. My favorite fruit is cherries and I love olives
  10. I use so many scented bath products every few weeks i have to have a mini detox as my skin is quite sensitive

  1. I'm a middle child I have 2 older sisters and one younger brother who I adore
  2. My little brother stopped me having a child at 16 , I was determined to have a child at 16 but seeing my mum go through it all it has kind of terrified me in having children
  3. My hair is really kinky at the front but dead straight at the back
  4. I'm obsessed with ghost programme's or csi shows, I could watch them all day!
  5. My lucky number is 5
  6. I have a pet crow called crowbar who comes to get some food everyday and sits outside my house, I love this little (quite big) bird!
  7. I bit through my lip when I was little and have a scar on both sides
  8. I believe in ghosts and am a massive believer of karma
  9. I'm pagan
  10. I'm bi-sexual

  1. Up until a year ago I was afraid of the dark, I used night lights in the hallway and in my room
  2. I would of loved to have met River Phoenix before he passed away, one day I would love to visit the Viper Room's or the spot where he passed away
  3. I adore Chinese food for dinner and sushi for lunch! 
  4. I work in a shoe shop, I'm also addicted to buying shoes =p
  5. Sitting on a train or bus with my ipod is a perfect afternoon for me
  6. I love to bake cakes
  7. In school I was in choir and had Violin lessons but after I wanted to learn drums. I've not done anything musical since =p
  8. I've dyed my hair so many times from black, to red, to blonde that I almost forgot my natural colour
  9. I love Autumn its my favorite season
  10. I adore cats, if I don't get married and have kids I'm going to get at least 50 cats instead
I'm in the middle!

Well that's it 50 facts about me! I hope you enjoyed,

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo



  1. Love this tag... I seriously need to do it too, it's a fab way to learn about the blogger behind the blog xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. I love your blog! And I love nosing through peoples bathroom cabinets too! Hahaha. Glad I'm not the only one xD x