Lily Cole Liquid Eyeliner Review

I picked up this item from Helsinki's Body Shop for One euro (86p) you get 3ml of purple liquid eyeliner. I really like the packaging of the product it was cute yet sophisticated and the little tube fits well into my make up case.

Applying the product was rather easy I found the eyeliner to be a little watery so I was able to smudge and blend well, the product does come out rather light and almost looks blue in certain lights. I found it was easier to apply when I used eye shadow first as it caught any over smudging, I found the eyeliner stayed on all day and didn't fade or get messy.

I really liked this product and may have to have a little mooch if the sale is still on to see if I can find any more products from the Lily Cole range!

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

MUA Mystical Glitter Nails

A few weeks ago I was shopping in Superdrug and had a little look at the MUA stand, I came across there glitter nail range and picked up Jellyfish a purple colour and Starfish a pink colour. I then got them home and forgot about them ooopss! but while having a sort through my room I found them again and thought I would try them out.

The Jellyfish shade is quite light but after a few coats it comes out well, the glitter sparkles show well with this shade and it looks quite impressive if you get it right. With this shade I tried it over another nail paint but it didn't really work I think its the sort of nail paint that wants to stand alone.

The Starfish shade I love! After two coats it comes out well and look rather bold. I found the glitter only really came out when I flashed my nails in the sun, the paint lasted on my nails for around 3 days before looking scruffy and I felt the need to re paint.

For £2.00 I think they are a great buy and would love to have a look through the rest of the range once my spending ban has ended, what do you think are they worth spending £2 on?

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

90's Kid Tag

I wasn't actually tagged for this but thought it was such a great little post I had to give it a try, I saw it on ! Zoe - Lianne x! 's blog and then had a little look around and found some great post's by some bloggers as well as Youtube video's on the tag, I'm surprised I've only just found it!

Favorite Toys?
I loved playing with dolls and Barbies, I also got into Pokemon and pogs as a child, I remember having loads as a child and collecting the stickers for my Pokemon sticker book. I have kept one barbie who was my absolute favorite and now that i'm 22 they still no chance of me giving her up!

Favorite Adverts?
I used to love the adverts for the child shows and when it was around christmas time and Toy's R Us would bring out adverts I could spend hours watching them and writing little christmas lists.

N'Sync or Backstreet Boys?
If I had to choose it would be Backstreet Boys, although for me it was all about the girl bands!

Weirdest Fashion Trend?
I remember the little bands or shag bands but not sure if they were 90's or 00's, I was always in flared trousers and I had a bubble coat lol imagine wearing one of those now!

Favorite Collectable?
It would have to be my Pokemon stickers, I used to spend hours swapping with friends and going through my little book. I have no idea what happened to it =[ I would love to of kept it really neat and clean so I could have it now.

Favorite Beanie Baby?
I remember only owning one little Beanie and it was the pig, I'm sure I had more but this one just sticks out for me. I love the classic Beanie, when I worked in a Toy Shop we had the newer range and it just wasn't the same.

How many Tamagochi's did you go through?
Haha great question! Me and my 2 sister's all had one each and I think at the end of the little craze there was around 10-15 going about the house.

Favorite game system and game?
I'm sure this was 90's but it was Sega and it was Sonic the Hedgehog, I used to spend ages playing and collecting the gold coins!

Favorite Disney Movie?
Beauty and the Beast! I adore the story and it's the only Disney film I can sit through without getting bored.

Favorite music artist?
wow, just one erm it would have to be The Spice Girls!

Favorite game?
I was a really outdoor kid and pretty much spent my childhood outside, so if breaking into derelict buildings was a game then I pretty sure I would of won each time!

Favorite Mcdonalds happy meal toy?
 I don't really have a favorite =/ I haven't collected anything from there and I can't remember any of the toys I got from the 90's

Favorite Book?
I remember having a book called Jessica, and I loved it. I'm pretty sure I still have it somewhere. The story if I remember correctly was about a naughty girl, which I think it was made my mum buy it as it reminder her of me!

Favorite clothing store?
This is a hard one as my mum brought all my clothes until I was old enough to go of the New Look on my own. I'm sure it was places like Tammy and the company with the apple logo.

Favorite TV shows?
I had loads! I use to love Rugrats, Tots TV, Arnold, Arthur =]

Favorite sweets/snack?
I used to love buying things like Fruit Salad, Black Jacks(i think that it was they were called), Pick a Mix, Bubblegum.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post it was fun to write! Were you a 90's child? What kind of mischief did you get up to?

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

I Went Shopping!

I was walking round my local shopping centre when I noticed Body Shop were having a sale with up to 50% of certain items, so I had a little wonder in and was quite impress with some of the prices. I picked up to new shower gel's in Raspberry and Blueberry scent for just £2 each! They have a lovely summer scent to them, extremely fruity almost overpowering. I also picked up an item I had not seen before Foaming Bath Powder for just £1.50, it comes in a cute drawstring bag and you get 60g of powder, it doesn't really have a scent but I love bubbles and all things fun in the bath!

Whilst I was in Helsinki I stopped of at the Body Shop there and was able to pick up a Lily Cole purple eyeliner for just one Euro, I have small brown almond shaped eyes and am hoping this product will give them the little pop they need. I also fell in love with a soap over in Helsinki from the company Lemon Juice and Glycerine and was quite happy to spot a hand cream by the same company in the same scent for around two Euro's, the smell is divine so sugary and sweet and it soften's my hands nicely. I kind of wished I had picked up around 20 little tubes!

On one of my recent trips to TKMaxx I was on the hunt for a new perfume and picked up a Christine Aguilera one for £9.99 it has quite a nice musky scent and is rather sophisticated but I really liked it as its quite different to the girly fragrances I usually go for, it came with a free lipgloss by Maxfactor which I wasn't overly impressed by but as it was a freebie I can't really complain much! I also picked up a beauty blender for £4.99 by the company Earth Therapeutics the design is great for me and I really enjoy using blenders, this one is bright pink which is always a bonus.

Lastly, I picked up a magazine called Red mainly due to the fact they had a Ren freebie, in the resealable pack I received a Day cream, night cream and a cleansing gel. I think buying magazine's each month with great samples in is a great way to test out item's you can't really afford. I have been wanted to try some Ren products but was unsure of the price now I can test them out to see if my skin is right for the full sized products. I think the magazine was around £3.50.

But sadly I am now on a spending ban as part of my diet, unless I lose the weight I can't spend any money!

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

Mini MAC Haul

Recently on a trip into Oxford I visited the MAC counter at Debenhams and asked about there foundations, the lady who served me was extremly helpful in picking out the right shade and picking out the right foundation for my skin. We then sat down so she could show what it would look like on my skin, I thought this was great as there is nothing worse then getting home to find the foundation you selected is not right for your skin combination!

I have an oily forehead and chin, but my skin is also quite dry around my nose so she suggested I picked up Studio Fix foundation shade NW15 . I found the foundation went on well and stayed on my skin for a good 8 hours or more, I tried different tools to apply it onto my skin but found the best one was a brush. I'm really happy with my selection and as it cost's £21.50 I will be using it for special occasion's only!

Also while browsing I noticed a gourgeus lipstick called Coral Bliss, but as I had just picked up some foundation for £21.50 I thought I couldn't fork out another £15 so I was going to wait until next month but then as I was going through duty free on my recent holiday I picked one up for £11.50!

The texture of the lipstick is great it's extremely creamy and goes on well, it stays on my lips for a good few hours before I feel the need to re apply. This is a great summer shade and goes well with most of my outfit's. As I'm a big fan of Coral colours this shade is perfect for me and I'm so happy I found it again and was able to buy it instead of waiting a whole month!

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

Holiday Product's Reviews

On my recent trip to Helsinki I took a few beauty mini's I had never tried before so I could have a chance to review them, the item's I took were Nivea Facial Cleansing Wipes, Balance Me Face mask, Vaseline, Yves Rocher Moisturisers, Umberto Giannini Shampoo and Conditioner, Radox Shower Smoothie, Cocoa Butter and Calypso Dry Oil.

The product I was most impressed by was the Nivea Face Wipes, these were light and came in a handy pack it only had 7 wipes in which was ideal for my holiday. I found they cleaned my skin well and removed all my make up, you could also use them cleanse your face which I found useful as it worked well.

The products I needed to use the most were my moisturisers I took with me my Cocoa Butter, Vaseline and Yves Rocher. I took these products as I knew they work well and knew my skin would be well protected, I love how all these products sink in and don't leave me feeling sticky but still hydrated. They also kept my skin from having any breakouts which is horrid when you are on holiday and a nasty spot pops out to say hello! I also used my Balance Me face mask in the evening and felt it really helped to clear my skin and stop it from any holiday breakouts.

One of the new products I had never used before was Umberto Ginnaini shampoo and conditioner, I wasn't to impressed with this set. The shampoo had a soap scent to it rather then a nice shampoo scent it was almost like I had got a bar of soap and rubbed it onto my hair. The conditioner was nice it made my hair extremely soft and I would more then likely re purchase it. Also the bottles were extremely hard to use, getting any product out was awful I either got a small blob or shook to hard and got a week worth of shampoo on my hands.

Lastly 2 products I loved using were my Radox Shower Smoothie and my sun protector, the shower smoothie was such an intense smell and I loved how it left my skin feeling so soft and smooth after using. Then I picked up a new sun protector I decided to go for a dry oil one as I'm not a fan of rubbing in sun cream every 4 hours I would much prefer to spray and go, the brand I used was Calypso. The product worked great and was so easy to use, I didn't burn and felt protected.

So there we go a rather long post, but hope you enjoyed!

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo 

50 Facts About Me

I thought I would do a post of things about me as I feel you may not know much about me, I'm aiming for 50 but I'm not sure there is that much to know about me but here goes!

  1. I'm a gemini, my birthday is 27th May 1991 making me 22
  2. I have brown eyes and dirty blonde hair
  3. I've had glasses since I was really little due to chicken pox going over my eyeballs (lovely! lol)
  4. I'm not immune to chicken pox, I've had it 3 times
  5. I'm 5 foot 2 
  6. I'm addicted to fizzy drinks, if I stop drinking them for more then 24 hours I turn psycho!
  7. I'm a lover of savory food and hate anything to sweet to eat
  8. My favourite colours are purple, red and coral
  9. I love going to gigs 
  10. I love making lists and writing everything out

  1. I'm afraid of the ocean, I hate beach holidays so I always go to cities instead
  2. I refuse to watch sad films as I don't like crying, Marley and Me almost made me walk out the cinema
  3. I love classic 80's horror films
  4. My favorite type of music is indie bands or Helsinki rock bands - The 69 Eyes are epic!
  5. I use to self harm and have had depression in the past
  6. I'm always on a diet, I just have more bad days then good days =]
  7. I always have plain food without sauce or salad dressing, it gross's me out seeing someone eat food with sauce on it
  8. I'm from Birmingham and I'm a proud brummie 
  9. I always get tonsillitis but am to scared to have them removed, ever since my great nan passed away me and hospitals are no longer friends
  10. I'm a shopaholic, just ask my bank
  1. I love zoo's and aquariums
  2. I joined Peta them had to unsubscribe because it made me cry 
  3. I don't have a best friend, I class my sister as my best friend so feel the need to not have one
  4. I'm really nosey, I love looking through people bathroom cabinets
  5. I once had a best friend of 10 years, who I had never met or seen in person but chatted to them everyday online or by text, then we stop talking =[ 
  6. I'm scared of ladybugs, one flew into my key when I was little and now I hate them
  7. I have 7 tattoos and am planning more!
  8. I always seem to get on with everyone and I think it annoys people
  9. My favorite fruit is cherries and I love olives
  10. I use so many scented bath products every few weeks i have to have a mini detox as my skin is quite sensitive

  1. I'm a middle child I have 2 older sisters and one younger brother who I adore
  2. My little brother stopped me having a child at 16 , I was determined to have a child at 16 but seeing my mum go through it all it has kind of terrified me in having children
  3. My hair is really kinky at the front but dead straight at the back
  4. I'm obsessed with ghost programme's or csi shows, I could watch them all day!
  5. My lucky number is 5
  6. I have a pet crow called crowbar who comes to get some food everyday and sits outside my house, I love this little (quite big) bird!
  7. I bit through my lip when I was little and have a scar on both sides
  8. I believe in ghosts and am a massive believer of karma
  9. I'm pagan
  10. I'm bi-sexual

  1. Up until a year ago I was afraid of the dark, I used night lights in the hallway and in my room
  2. I would of loved to have met River Phoenix before he passed away, one day I would love to visit the Viper Room's or the spot where he passed away
  3. I adore Chinese food for dinner and sushi for lunch! 
  4. I work in a shoe shop, I'm also addicted to buying shoes =p
  5. Sitting on a train or bus with my ipod is a perfect afternoon for me
  6. I love to bake cakes
  7. In school I was in choir and had Violin lessons but after I wanted to learn drums. I've not done anything musical since =p
  8. I've dyed my hair so many times from black, to red, to blonde that I almost forgot my natural colour
  9. I love Autumn its my favorite season
  10. I adore cats, if I don't get married and have kids I'm going to get at least 50 cats instead
I'm in the middle!

Well that's it 50 facts about me! I hope you enjoyed,

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo


Lush Rose Queen Review

I brought this product a few weeks ago and have only just tried it for £ 2.65 Rose Queen is a fantastic buy.

When placed into my bath it fizz away extremely quickly and turn my bath water a really cute pink shade. The rose smell was really strong and stayed strong throughout my bath, once I had left my bath the scent seemed to stay on my skin all day which was lovely.

Added into the bath bomb were Tigerlily, Apple Blossom and Larkspur Petals which gave it a lovely country feel. I loved this bath bomb it was a great bargain buy and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes flowery scented products with a cute twist.

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

My Holiday To Helsinki!

My trip to Helsinki was amazing! The weather was fantastic and there was so much to do, I flew with Finnair who are a low budget airline company offering flights to Europe and connection flight's to the rest of the world. It was a 2 hour 45 minute flight and I was extremely impressed with how the flight ran. When I arrived in Helsinki the weather was 25 degrees and stay like that for my whole holiday (thankfully).

There was loads to do I visited loads of Museums my favorite being the Kiasma Museum which was a Contemporary Art Museum, It feature a room full of Art by a bloke called Dan Perjovschi, I was extremely impressed by his work. I also went to a Zoo on an island called Korkeasaari which was an amazing zoo with Bears and Reindeer, on the way back I also got the boat across which stop of at an impressive flea market.

My hostel was a central one by the name of Kongressikoti, which was fantastic. I had a single room with shared shower and toilet, it was all clean and run well, with some great extra's (a hairdryer yay!). On the last night I was able to visit a bar owned my one of my favorite drummer's Jussi 69 from The 69 Eyes, I was so over excited even though he wasn't there I turned into a kid at Christmas! I also watched a live band by the name of Private Line, even though it was all in Finnish it was still great! 

So hopefully that gave you an idea of what I got up to! If you are thinking of visiting Finland/Helsinki feel free to ask me any questions, I can hopefully help you out =]

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo