Trying out new nails!

I get quite bored when it comes to my nails and am always on the look out for a new style or new craze, so over the last month or so I've been trying out some new things and thought I would share them with you lovelys!

So to start I have tried fake stick on nail's from Cosmopolitan, I found a set in TKMaxx for £2! So I picked it up and tried it out. I found applying the nails was quite simply and fun, you just smear some glue onto your nails and stick the nail on, holding it for 30 seconds after that they should *fingers crossed* stay on. For a while they were cute and fun and I seemed to really like them, then I needed the loo =/ no one explained to me the drama of going to the loo with fake nails on! So I took them of that evening again just as easy to put on.

Then I have tried nail prints, the fun peel and stick one! I found these to be great and my favorite, I love how easy they were to apply you just peel the off and stick them onto your nails and then file the excess print! and how easy  there were to maintain on my nails- they didn't chip or peel off. I picked up 2 set's from Primark for £1 a dotty set and an adorable flower set. I can't wait to buy some more!

And lastly I have tried nail art pens, I brought one from the range Barry M and love all the fun creations you can make with these little pens. It is quite easy though to muck up and go wrong which I really hate to do as you can't just scrub the pen of your nails you have to re start the whole nail! But I do love them I just wish Barry M did a few more colours at £4.99 they are quite pricey but if done right they can be amazing =]

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

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