Soap and Glory Juicy Pear Lip Balm Review

While having a little look at some Soap and Glory products I came across there lip balm range, I picked up Juicy Peach as I fell in love with the scent for £5 for 18g's it's a great buy. I can only seem to find Soap and Glory in Boots, does anyone know of anywhere else it is sold? As much as I love Boots the one in Banbury is quite small compared to other stores.

The texture is rather sticky and I do find it difficult to apply to my lips using my finger as I then have to wash my hands, which is ok unless i'm out and about. So I have started to use a make up brush to apply the lip balm. I find this easy and a bit more hygienic as you can then wash the brush after, you may get a few funny stares but you won't have sticky fingers!

It tends to last on my lips for around 2 hours which is good, as its in a small tin I don't mind re-applying if need be. It gives a shine rather then a colour but does nourish my lips well, i've been using it for around 2 weeks now and my lips do feel softer.

Overall this is a great fun product and I can't wait to try out some more flavours!

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  1. I love Soap and Glory cosmetics, I'd definitely recommend their Kickass Concealer, it's lovely and creamy :) I followed. Would you mind checking out my blog? It would mean a lot.
    leigh xx

  2. Soap and Glory is slowly becoming my favourite brand!
    Course I will have a look at your blog :-) x x

    1. They're a really great company, I can't fault any of their body products either! and thank you so much :) xx