Sally Hansen 14 Day Nail Shield

I found this little bargain in the 99p shop, I love Sally Hansen so picked it up before even knowing fully what it was. Once I opened the package I was surprised with how much was included you get 16 nail shield, a detailed instruction manual, a file and a cuticle stick.

I applied the nail shield's with ease they were extremely easy to peel of and to apply to my nails if you go wrong it was pretty easy to peel of and re apply which I found great. When it came to fileing them again was really easy and no trouble at all they didn't split or catch and I was extremely impressed by the product.

I had mine on for around 9 days before they started looking a bit scruffy and it was then that I felt the need to remove them. To take them off I had a little bit of trouble, Over the 9 days the nail had harden and I had to scratch it off my nails. That was after trying nail varnish remover and soaking the nail in a water solution but I suppose there has to be one downside to such a great little bargain!

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