Biotherm Aquasource Review

While I was shopping in Selfridges I walked passed a lady handing out beauty samples, I was handed one for Biotherm a company I had not come across before. I was handed a sample for Aquasource a Day/Night cream for deep hydration.

I kept walking through as I spotted the MAC counter so wasn't able to have a loik at prices but did find the same brand in Boots over the weekend, prices for creams range from £25 - £35. Which for me is just way to expensive, but I thought I would do a review for all you lovely people who can afford the cream!

I applied the cream in the evening before going to bed, the texture was light and went onto my skin well. The scent was subtle and the cream sunk into my sunk into my skin well, I was impressed with how it went on. In the morning my skin felt soft and a lot better then how it would of felt if I had applied my normal night cream.

Due to the price though I will not be purchasing the cream, I will however keep on eye out for if it ever goes on special offer.

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