Nails Inc Neon Portobello Nail Varnish Review

I received this product in my June Glossybox and fell in love with the shade, It is such an amazing shade. I can not wait to try out some more on the Neon shades from the Nails Inc range and at only £11 the price isn't to bad.

I love how with Nails Inc my nails don't seem to chip or damage as badly as they do with some other brands. I find the varnish goes on well and you can sometimes get away with just one coat and a top coat, with this shade to get a really neon affect I would always apply too shades to get that really wow factor for it.

Do you have any shades from the new Neon Range? I really want to try the hot pink one (Notting Hill Gate) that would be a great going out shade. I'm not to keen on the look of the Neon Yellow shade though!

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Nina Ricci Plush Mono Eye shadow Review

A while ago I was having a look around TKMaxx and came across a gorgeous orange eye shadow from the Nina Ricci range. I've never brought any products from her range as the price has always put me of but I found this eye shadow for £2.99! instead of £12.99 saving me £10.

The actually case of the eye shadow is really impressive it's large and has a large mirror inside as well as being really sturdy. It comes with a small brush and you get 2g's of eye shadow. The shade I picked up was 03 Orange Illusion, which looks amazing and goes on well, I was really happy with the result of when the product was on. It was also really easy to take of with a make up remover.

I really would love the purchase some more eye shadows from the range but no way would I pay £12,99, so it look's like a few more trips to TKMaxx for me or some shopping to do on Ebay!

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Biotherm Aquasource Review

While I was shopping in Selfridges I walked passed a lady handing out beauty samples, I was handed one for Biotherm a company I had not come across before. I was handed a sample for Aquasource a Day/Night cream for deep hydration.

I kept walking through as I spotted the MAC counter so wasn't able to have a loik at prices but did find the same brand in Boots over the weekend, prices for creams range from £25 - £35. Which for me is just way to expensive, but I thought I would do a review for all you lovely people who can afford the cream!

I applied the cream in the evening before going to bed, the texture was light and went onto my skin well. The scent was subtle and the cream sunk into my sunk into my skin well, I was impressed with how it went on. In the morning my skin felt soft and a lot better then how it would of felt if I had applied my normal night cream.

Due to the price though I will not be purchasing the cream, I will however keep on eye out for if it ever goes on special offer.

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Sally Hansen 14 Day Nail Shield

I found this little bargain in the 99p shop, I love Sally Hansen so picked it up before even knowing fully what it was. Once I opened the package I was surprised with how much was included you get 16 nail shield, a detailed instruction manual, a file and a cuticle stick.

I applied the nail shield's with ease they were extremely easy to peel of and to apply to my nails if you go wrong it was pretty easy to peel of and re apply which I found great. When it came to fileing them again was really easy and no trouble at all they didn't split or catch and I was extremely impressed by the product.

I had mine on for around 9 days before they started looking a bit scruffy and it was then that I felt the need to remove them. To take them off I had a little bit of trouble, Over the 9 days the nail had harden and I had to scratch it off my nails. That was after trying nail varnish remover and soaking the nail in a water solution but I suppose there has to be one downside to such a great little bargain!

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June GlossyBox 2013

I love when my Glossybox arrives I feel like a kid at Christmas, even my mum was excited when this one arrived. This month's box was a summer edition which is ironic considering the weather we currently have!

My first item is Helen E Cosmetics Lip Crayon, which when brought cost's £8. This crayon is great it goes on well and blends really easy, it has a lovely creamy texture. The only downside is that I got sent a really deep brown colour which does not go well with my skin at all! But apart from the colour not being too great I will be buying some more products from Helen E Cosmetics soon.

My second product is a Nail's Inc Varnish (yay!) I got Portobello in the new Neon shade, I have a review coming soon! If brought it shops it will cost £11, which I don't mind parting with as I love Nail's Inc.

My third product was Paul Mitchell Curls, I was giving Full Circle Leave in Treatment and Ultimate wave, which I couldn't wait to try. My hair is extremely thick and when left wet and un styled it goes all wavy at the ends so I was rather excited to try this product and wasn't let down. Both creams go onto my hair well , they also leave my hair clean and shiny looking rather then greasy. I loved how it gave my waves a lovely kick and made them look really full and bouncy. The Full Circle Treatment cost's £14.95 and the Ultimate Wave cost's £11.95, I think I will be re purchasing the Ultimate Wave but not the Full Circle treatment.

My fourth product is the Figs and Rouge Coco Rose Lip Balm, I love this product it has to be my favorite from this months box, it has a really intense and lovely scent. As well as making my lips really amazing I love the texture of this product, its like a sugary texture and smooths into my lips great! The product cost's £5.00 which I would more then happily repurchase.

Lastly I was given a Moisturiser from the company Organic Surge, straight away my mum wanted this product but it was just too nice to give away (its her birthday next month don't panic!) the rose scent is divine and smells so sweet. The cream goes on well and soaks in really nicely, I was extremely impressed with this product and at only £8.99 it's a great buy. After using it for around a week on my face and hands I can see a little difference and can not wait to have a look around there other products.

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

Soap And Glory Sugar Crush Review

This has to be my favorite product by Soap and Glory, the smell is divine! It has a really sweet sickly smell that reminds me of when I had to many sweets as a kid for some reason. But for £6.50 you get 500ml , which I think is a great buy.

The texture is really light and soothing it also foams up well I only need a small blob to use on my whole body, I find the scent stays on my skin all day and make it feel all soft. For some reason I did think the product would have sugar in it but then realise it must be the scent of sugar, unless I can't feel it!

But I think this is a great shower/bath wash and I really enjoy using it. Do you have any I should check out?

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

Soap and Glory Slim Wear Review

I picked up this little bargain from the Poundshop, for £1 you get 190ml of a puff draining peptide balm! I didn't even realise Soap And Glory did items like this one I thought it was only make up and bath items. It's a product that reduces the look of cellulite on the top of leg's or wherever you have any cellulite.

The smell is rather strange it smells like gone of gum not like any of the other Soap and Glory products, when applying the cream it feels really cold and almost tingly like applying cream straight out of the fridge even if it been sat on a shelf in a room temperature room. I've been using it for around a month now and can kind of see an improvement on my cellulite my legs seem smoother and the cellulite is less visible.

I'm still not sure if I like this product or not, I think i'll be having a look at some other reviews to see what others have thought about it. If you have done a review please link it in the comments.

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

Palmer's Cocoa Butter, Gradual Tan Review

I've had a few fake tan disasters over the years but I've finally found the perfect one for me! I was advised to try Palmer's Cocoa Butter's Gradual Tan, as I use some of there products already it was a brand I could trust.

You get 250ml and it comes in a bottle with a pump top for easy application. I use a tanning mitt to apply the lotion and finds it goes on much better with the mitt. I try to exfoliate before every use and then next day I use a body butter to try keep the tan on longer.

The smell is a very mild fake tan smell, I do find it stinks the room out though but the results are great. I always have a streak free tan which is buildable, I think this tan is great for people who are a bit scared of using a branded fake tan, like me!

I love this product and 100% recomended it.

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

Soap and Glory Juicy Pear Lip Balm Review

While having a little look at some Soap and Glory products I came across there lip balm range, I picked up Juicy Peach as I fell in love with the scent for £5 for 18g's it's a great buy. I can only seem to find Soap and Glory in Boots, does anyone know of anywhere else it is sold? As much as I love Boots the one in Banbury is quite small compared to other stores.

The texture is rather sticky and I do find it difficult to apply to my lips using my finger as I then have to wash my hands, which is ok unless i'm out and about. So I have started to use a make up brush to apply the lip balm. I find this easy and a bit more hygienic as you can then wash the brush after, you may get a few funny stares but you won't have sticky fingers!

It tends to last on my lips for around 2 hours which is good, as its in a small tin I don't mind re-applying if need be. It gives a shine rather then a colour but does nourish my lips well, i've been using it for around 2 weeks now and my lips do feel softer.

Overall this is a great fun product and I can't wait to try out some more flavours!

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit Review

As I was having a little mooch in TXMaxx I picked up a Sally Hansen Manicure Set for only £3.99 instead of the retail price of £5.30. The set includes French White Tip, Nearly Nude Paint and Self-adhesive guides.

I found this kit really easy to use and was extremely happy with the result's, the Self-adhesive guides were easy to peel off and easy to apply they also stay on my nails well, instead of curling or catching. The White tip were really easy to apply as the brush is quite small so you don't go over your nails much. I also love the fact the Nearly Nude paint goes on my nails as well as going over the white tip without making the colour dirty or faded.

I found the paint stayed on for around 4 day's before starting to look chipped and messy, I can't wait to try out some more Sally Hansen product's but only from TXMaxx as the price for Sally Hansen in a store can be a bit pricey.

Do you own any Sally Hansen product's, what are your favorite's?

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Birmingham Blognix Event

So on Saturday I attended my first ever blog event which was held at The Custard Factory in Birmingham, the day was fantastic!  There was a picnic lunch, workshops and some great q&a's.

We first had a little talk with Jen from A Little Bird Told Me, the talk was about PR's. We got some great tips on how to attract pr's, also some great tips for running a small blog. We also got some important information on disclosure, at the end of the talk we were introduce to a lovely company called Brit Stitch who design amazing little bags, i'm saving for mine!

Then we had a talk with Emma Cossey , the talk was about Social Media.We were giving some great do's and don'ts, and some links to some great social websites. We were also given some amazing tips on how to recycle a blog post, which I can't wait to do.

It was then time for some workshops, my first one was about Blog Design with Kim Lawler her link is Finest Imaginary. We were giving some great tips and how to improve our blogs, some of which I will be doing to mine.  We were also giving some things to not do tips which I found to be extremely helpful.

I then had a workshop on Photography with Hazel Paterson a food writer and photography her link's are Domestic Sluttery and Its Not F***ing Rocket Science. Again we were given some great tips on how to take the best photo's and were to get some great camera accessorize from. We were then taken on a little walk around the Custard Factory to take some photo's with the tips we had just been taught.

I had a fantastic day and have to say a massive thank you to Elizabeth Sellers for putting on an amazing Blogger Event. If Blognix is coming your way I would 100% recommend you attend the event and for only £20 you can't go wrong!

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream Review

I recently purchased Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage cream from Body Care for £5.00. I have problems with my nails and the skin around my nails for quite a long time now, since I was little I used to bite my nails and in order for me to stop this I started to bite the skin around my nail's resulting in me now at the grand age of 22 still biting the skin around my nails!

So I was on the hunt for a cream or oil to soften my skin around my nails and in the hope of achieving perfect nails I might be able to stop biting the skin around my nails. I had a long look around most of my favorite shops but couldn't find a suitable one so I settle with a Sally Hansen one.

The pot is quite small for £5 you get 11.3g, it does have a lovely Apricot Oil scent though. I applied it onto my nails before going to bed and then left it all night, I applied it on quite thick and in the morning it had sunk in - or rubbed all over my bed sheets! But my skin did feel amazing soft and noticeable softer, I was surprised by the results even after one use my skin feels great.

I then left it a few days and started to feel the need to re apply the cream, as it didn't have any instructions on the back of the packet I figured I would use it when need be. The only downside I would not advise you use it on cut skin or sore skin as it does hurt quite a bit.

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo

MAC goodies!

I decided to treat myself to a new eye shadow and thought I would purchase one from MAC! As I had never been into the mini shop in Debenham's in Oxford I was rather excited! They were lovely in the store no pretty women experiences thank heavens, and really helpful.

I picked up Nocturnelle Frost in the 1.5g mini pot which cost £12, it's a really nice deep purple color which I feel suits my eyes well. When swatched it stays really deep and blends quite well, I'm really excited to try out this product for a special occasion as I think it's rather expensive as an every day eye shadow!

I also recently brought an item from a blog sale a MAC Lipstick in naturally eccentric, which is a really nice nude color. When swatched it comes across barely visibly but once applied onto my lips it shows up quite nicely. I feel blog sales are a great way to get bargains on some highly priced item's and recently I've been enjoying them rather a lot!

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Trying out new nails!

I get quite bored when it comes to my nails and am always on the look out for a new style or new craze, so over the last month or so I've been trying out some new things and thought I would share them with you lovelys!

So to start I have tried fake stick on nail's from Cosmopolitan, I found a set in TKMaxx for £2! So I picked it up and tried it out. I found applying the nails was quite simply and fun, you just smear some glue onto your nails and stick the nail on, holding it for 30 seconds after that they should *fingers crossed* stay on. For a while they were cute and fun and I seemed to really like them, then I needed the loo =/ no one explained to me the drama of going to the loo with fake nails on! So I took them of that evening again just as easy to put on.

Then I have tried nail prints, the fun peel and stick one! I found these to be great and my favorite, I love how easy they were to apply you just peel the off and stick them onto your nails and then file the excess print! and how easy  there were to maintain on my nails- they didn't chip or peel off. I picked up 2 set's from Primark for £1 a dotty set and an adorable flower set. I can't wait to buy some more!

And lastly I have tried nail art pens, I brought one from the range Barry M and love all the fun creations you can make with these little pens. It is quite easy though to muck up and go wrong which I really hate to do as you can't just scrub the pen of your nails you have to re start the whole nail! But I do love them I just wish Barry M did a few more colours at £4.99 they are quite pricey but if done right they can be amazing =]

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Keep In Touch, XoXoXo