Richard Ward Couture Hair Review

I have not heard of Richard Ward before before receiving a product in my April Glossybox. I did have a look online for some more review's but couldn't find any Blogger one's, as I was not 100% sure on what the product was meant to do.

It smell's quite fresh and has a light feeling when applied to dry hair. It left my hair looking shiny and feeling really soft which I liked a lot but other then that it didn't really have a wow factor about it. As it is priced at £19 I do think it is majorly overpriced. I will have another look online though in case I'm missing something really important about it.

I will enjoy using the product till it run's out but other then that I'm still not sure what it supposed to be ,So I don't think I will be re purchasing this product. But if you have a review on this product or if you can let me know what it suppose to do please let me know!

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